Meditation And Joy

by Master Meditation on December 21, 2010

Meditation can become serious for many people, though there is a huge sense of joy available too!

Meditation can become serious for many people, though there is a huge sense of joy available too!

Meditation is taken very seriously by many people. Sure it should be held with a certain amount of reverence. However, it is also a source of great joy and lightness. A thing that can elevate the soul and spirit. Raise people up from dark spaces and bring them happiness again. Being able to take things lightly is a strong skill to have, one that can pay great dividends.

By allowing yourself to enjoy a lighter element you can bring a strong and powerful source of energy into your life. Every time you allow yourself to feel joy you have a profound source of stress relief on tap. Opening up to joy can bring dimensions to life. Even within meditation things can become to serious at times. Occasionally it is good to just connect with a sense of joy, a sense of happiness. Allow the wonder of life to flow through you and reconnect with the powerful forces that runs through the universe and bring the life that we are fortunate to be able to have.

Of course people go through though times. The flip side of them is an easiness, a lightness. Whilst meditating can be a source of peace and calm, it is also possible to bring great happiness from meditation. As you tap into deeper energies from the universe when you meditate you can find the option to tap into universal joy. Attaining stress relief and respite from whatever factors are giving you trouble in your life. Regardless of your situation you can tap into these energies whenever you wish, you just have to decide to tap into them.

Tapping into energies like this when feeling down can be challenging, so it is good to move into a peaceful space where you can be master of your environment. For this reason going into your own private meditation space is a powerful thing to do. A space that is comfortable and pleasant for you to be in. This marked change in energies begins to shift you in the direction of joy. Having an incense that lifts your spirit is a really good thing, along with anything that brings a sense of calm, peace and joy. Such things are easily available throughout the US, UK, Japan and most countries, so setting the atmosphere for your best advantage is easy.

Once you have set the environment in your meditation space get into a comfortable seated meditation position. Close your eyes and breathe. Breathe deeply, fill your lungs, and with every exhaled breath give a long Om. As you continue Om chanting you will feel yourself lighten. Lighten and lift. Allow yourself to lift, feel your heart open. Feel the energy of peace and joy beginning to rise up and run through you. With greater energies running through you your body lightens again, as though you are drifting up into the sky, gently and comfortably. As you rise up higher continue the Om chanting. With each Om feel yourself shifting clear of the daily norms, moving into clean air. Smile as you feel the energy of the Sun kissing your face, returning its warmth into your life. As you float on the air the Sun can charge you, solar rays running through your veins, cleaning your body and returning joy to you in greater amounts with every moment. Float for as long as you see fit, all the while chanting Om. As you meditate longer and longer, you will find your meditation bringing greater relief and joy into your life. Cherish that joy, give thanks and show your gratitude, dance with happiness in your mind if you wish. Feel the shackles that bound your everyday life loosening and falling away, disintegrating as they go. Be free of them, be free to feel you, be free to feel good. Keep going for as long as feels right. Then when you are ready, slowly float back to your body and come out of your meditation. Giving gratitude for the renewal you have experienced and the goodness you can feel now.

This has always been a powerful meditation for me, and I am very happy to share it with everyone. I do truly believe that we should all be able to feel joy whenever we wish to.

So wherever you are, and whatever your challenges in this life I wish you beautiful and joyful meditations. Namaste.


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