Meditation And Instinct

by Master Meditation on April 5, 2011

Meditation is wonderful for improving your instinct and your ability to work with instincts.

Meditation is wonderful for improving your instinct and your ability to work with instincts.

Meditation is a really powerful way to increase your ability to work with instinct. Instinct comes to us in many ways, good instincts, and bad instincts. When they are good people tend to think that is nice, when they are bad people often look for a logical reason as to why the feeling is wrong and over rule it, greatly to their own detriment when things go wrong. When you start working with your instincts the pay off can be massive in terms of personal happiness, and success in life too.

There are some simple things you can do if you wish to go down the path of having well tuned instincts, it will require a certain amount of discipline though. Self discipline to break the pattern of over ruling yourself. The self discipline to actively listen and the follow through with the feelings and knowing that comes to you. At times there may appear to be little reason for what is coming to you, a place to avoid, a person that you know you have to talk to without reason, many different things. When something like that happens, follow through. You have to work with your unconscious in order for your instincts to really come into effect. If you begin ignoring your unconscious or keep over ruling instincts at times then it will stop playing and you will be back at square one.

Your third eye, crown and heart chakras are very important when it comes to working with instinct. By opening up your third eye and crown chakras you open up the routes for knowledge and messages to come to you. In working with your heart chakra you give yourself an easier route to working with the knowledge and holding the feeling of balance and focus within yourself. Your heart chakra is like a master control, holding and keeping the rest in balance, working with it enables you to be far more effective.

Working with meditation is an excellent way to develop a deep rapport with your unconscious mind. Allowing you to work more easily with your instincts and draw through the information that is going to be really useful to you. Giving yourself the time and quiet in your meditation space is an excellent way to get into deep meditation and forge those strong connections with your unconscious and also your higher self. For this meditation set yourself up within your meditation space using whatever incense and gentle music you feel is appropriate for getting onto a deep level with your unconscious mind. A strong recommendation is “Infinite Pool” by Tom Kenyon, it has been specifically composed to actually set up certain rhythms and pathways in the mind.


Here are links to this and other resources for your meditations, for US meditation products, for UK meditation products. If you wish to use candles that is totally ok, just set your meditation space up so that you can relax easily and allow your mind to drift into stillness. Get into a comfortable seated position and begin doing Nadi Shudhi Pranayama breathing, and do 20 rounds of it to balance and calm your body. When you have done this flow into 10 minutes of Ha breathing, building up energy and focusing on your solar plexus chakra to store the energy. When these exercises are complete then using headphones (if you are working with “Infinite Pool”) you can start to listen to the music that is going to aid you to go deeper into meditation and deeper into your unconscious mind. Allow your eyes to close and feel yourself moving downwards through space into a timeless place. Calm your mind to a point of stillness and allow it to focus upon your third eye chakra and your crown chakra. Feel energy flowing to these places and aiding them to open up. Look within your mind and see your third eye opening up like lotus flower, enabling you to look deeper into the universe and see beyond the tangible and the visible. Whilst also holding with your crown and heart for the balance and spiritual cleanliness that keep you pure. Hold yourself here, allow your mind to drift through your third eye, go out and explore the universe, with each moment your perceptions expand a little further and you get deeper into rapport with your unconscious mind. When you feel ready though allow yourself to come back up into the physical realm and back into your body. Hold with your eyes closed for a few moments when you get back, and give gratitude to the universe and your mind for the journey you have just enjoyed.

Through practice you will notice your instincts increasing, listen to them, follow them, and enjoy the fruits that come from the experiences. We all have our own paths, follow whatever path feels right to you, and walk that path with safety and joy.

Another thing that really helps is doing a really good body cleanse. When your body is clean inside and out you will find your mind works far more effectively.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and great joy, namaste.


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