Meditation And Inner Peace

by Master Meditation on August 30, 2010

Meditation is wonderful for aiding inner peace

Meditation is wonderful for aiding inner peace

Meditation gives us an ability to work with and accomplish anything. One of the greatest things we can do though is work on creating a sense of peace, by that I mean inner peace. Being at peace with ourselves, with other people, with the world and universe at large. In terms of reasons why this is good, the strongest is that basically when we have that inner peace with ourselves and others we can move through life more effectively.

Throughout day to day life many events unfold, and various things happen. When we follow a life path things which unsettle can happen, many of us have lessons to learn in order to progress with our life and evolution. The quicker you pick up on a lesson the less unpleasant things will be, the more you ignore a lesson and the learning that is to come from it, the more difficult and unpleasant the lesson will become. If you ignore it for a long period of time be warned, it could get very uncomfortable.

So one of the best things you can do is the prepare yourself for the lessons that will come to you, be ready for them so you can notice them. Whilst also preparing yourself so you can take the learning easily and with little effort. All of this gives strong aid for inner peace. The more easily you take on lessons and learning from your life, the less strife will occur, you can enjoy stress relief and also it becomes easier to have the feeling of inner peace.

A good way to help yourself with this is to do a short meditation, or a long one if you feel it is right to do so, at the beginning and end of each day. This meditation is good for everyone whether you are only just learning how to meditate, or have been meditating for years. Ideally go into your meditation space, and use some incense which helps you to focus your mind, one that you have chosen for this purpose. Music is ok, though incense definitely can help with the process. Most countries, especially the US, UK and Japan among many, have good incense easily available. When you are in your meditation space, light some incense and get comfortable in a good seated position. Then draw in deep breath and do four good Ha breaths to focus your mind and soul. Allow you mind to take on the day and the events within it. Allow your mind to follow through them, release and let go of any emotion that is negative, though hold the event itself. Focus your mind on the reason for the negative emotion having been there, then within your meditation go through these reasons. Work them through your mind, see how you can change your behaviour, your way of working, your way of communicating so that if events like this happen again you can deal with them effortlessly. If you have stress around an event in the future, over how the event will happen and the result it shall bring, then look to why you expect that result. Then see how you can do things differently in order to create the positive ending you seek, draw this inside and allow yourself to build in confidence over it. When an event is in the future there are still things you can do to influence the outcome, so you have many reasons to be filled with confidence over your desired outcome. Continue working through each event of your day finding patterns and learning, it may be that you can find a lesson before anything unpleasant happens, if so great, that is the aim of doing this. To find patterns and lessons before they become unpleasant, practice this meditation for long enough and that becomes easy. Once you have finished the meditation it is important to give thanks for the learning and lessons you have had, and for the way they allow you to evolve. Gratitude for everything in life is good and important.

So wherever you are, whatever is happening in your life and where you are taking it, I wish you beautiful meditations and inner peace. Namaste.


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