Meditation And Incense

by Master Meditation on May 17, 2011

Meditation and Incense work well together as scent alter and enhance your experience while meditating.

Meditation and Incense work well together as scent alter and enhance your experience while meditating.

Meditation works really well with incense. Incense is widely available throughout the US, UK and the world and can totally change the way you work within a meditation, shifting aspects of your mood and consciousness. Experimenting with different types of incense can be a great way to alter the results you are getting from your meditations. Though having an understanding of what different things do can save you much time.


Certain kinds of aromas will induce a more active energetic state, whereas others will calm and still the mind. Knowing this prior to working with incenses and aromas is useful. By having a deeper understanding you can get a better result. Basically if you start to meditate with something that is going to increase your energy and create feelings of action then it is going to be difficult to enjoy relaxing meditations.

Definitely it is a good idea to take time when buying incense, take time to smell each incense which appeals to you. As you inhale the scent of it, see how your feelings change, and feel for any changes in your body. What effects do you notice with your energy levels, circulation, breathing, level of muscle relaxation and also your mind. Note each of these things and think about how well the incense can help you to achieve what you want.

It would be nice to be able to say that certain aromas, for example woody or floral scents, do a certain thing. However that is far from the case. Each different plant has a different effect, and it is only through knowing them that you can know the effect of the incense before using it. Otherwise it is down to using different kinds and effectively experimenting with the incense. Also it is worth noting that many incenses are blends. As such they have numerous different ingredients from many plants, sometimes from only a couple of plants, sometimes from 38 or more as with various Tibetian and Himalayan healing incenses.

Because of the blended nature of most incenses I recommend picking out a few packs that appeal to you and then working with them to check their effects. Take them into your meditation space and decide on which one to use. Set the room out so the energy is as calm as possible, doing this will allow you to best note the effects and feel for changes. Take a few moments to still your mind and take on feelings of peacefulness and centeredness, and be mindful of yourself and your surroundings. Having taken yourself to a point where you feel at ease, place the incense in a holder where it will be safe and then light it. Breathe deeply as the smoke and scent of it drifts through your meditation space. Move back into a comfortable meditation position and close your eyes. Continue breathing deeply and allow your mind to drift. Feel yourself moving as you allow the scent to carry your thoughts away to different moods and places. As you drift through the varying places, spaces and feelings allow your mind to make note of these things, yet relax and enjoy the experience at the same time. Detach yourself from control and see where you flow to. By doing so you engage in the experimentation that brings growth. As you flow through the experiences brought you expand as a person, and your knowledge expands too. Allow the scent you have chosen to do its work and take you on the journey that it was intended for. Though likely you will find that each time you use the scent the journey will vary, sometimes it may be similar, other times it may be very different. Yet each time it will carry you to the very places that you need to go. Enjoy these experiences, and the expansion they bring to you. Then when you feel ready, allow yourself to slide gently back to the place where your physical body is resting and become at one with it again. Take it gently and allow yourself time to give gratitude for the experience that you have enjoyed. Reflect on your experience and how you feel. Then note this as to how well you can work with the scent you chose, and how it can aid you in your meditations, and which meditations it will be suitable to be used with.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and a beautiful journey.

For further guidance on meditation go to meditation ebooks and resources for assistance.



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