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by Master Meditation on April 19, 2010

To master meditation learning how to meditate should be easy and stress free

To master meditation learning how to meditate should be easy and stress free

Meditation is incredibly easy to do, most people however make it more complicated in their mind than it really is. Often to the point where they find it too stressful to do any meditation, crazy when you have awareness that it is one of the best things for stress relief. However that is the nature of most adult humans, over complication because the feeling is that there has to be more to something when in actual fact that thing can be very simple which learning how to meditate is.

There are a wide range of meditation techniques out there for sure, from ancient systems around for thousands of years to new age ones that are highly effective also. These are largely irrelevant to you though unless you are wanting a very specific aim fulfilled or to do more than a bit of stress relief. Learning how to meditate is something you should find easy, so complicating it is only going to create barriers which block your progress. When you have thoughts about how to meditate likely your mind fills with various images of people sitting cross legged or in lotus position, usually somewhere quiet and peaceful. Well, in the main that is pretty much all you need to do.

When first you close your eyes, though that is down to personal preference, your mind will be full of thoughts, calming those thoughts to the point of stillness is your aim. The meditation space you use is very important, ideally a quiet dedicated space, somewhere free of disturbances, somewhere you feel relaxed just by being there. If you wish to decorate it, have gentle music or incense burning then feel free to. Likewise candles can be great for changing the feel of a meditation space, though as always be careful of anything burning and what it is close to, underneath or even on top of, unwanted house fires are far from relaxing. In terms of furnishing your meditation space in a suitable manner, there are numerous options and you should go for what will work for you. There are many new age type shops and other places to get whatever you need throughout the US, UK and majority of the world.

So having created a peaceful meditation space you can enjoy learning how to meditate becomes much easier. Makes sure you give yourself time that is free from disturbance, turn your phone off and let people in the house or wherever know that you are closing off for a little while, that way you are far less likely to be disturbed and everyone stays happy. Then when you have set everything as you wish in your meditation space set yourself comfortably within it. Much as I say learning how to meditate is easy, it is you that governs how easy it is. The more you give yourself permission to do this and enjoy it the easier it becomes.

When you begin to meditate the state you are looking for is that of trance, most people go into a light trance when they are watch television or even just watching the scenery from a window. They is the state you are looking to achieve first, as time goes on you will go into deeper states of trance and enjoy the benefits there. Go easy on yourself, your practice should be enjoyable and learning how to meditate free of stress. So take your time and go little by little at the pace that’s right for you. If you do need direct help with learning how to meditate then there are plenty of guided meditation CDs and classes to be found, or going a step further a meditation retreat could be good for you.

A sample meditation that you can use for free can be found through this meditation link, if you like it please use it as it is an easy way to start. I wish you beautiful meditations wherever you are, Namaste.


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eka April 20, 2010 at 10:18 pm

this is very interesting guide I think..thanks for make me understand how it work..well the best!

Master Meditation April 24, 2010 at 9:35 pm

Hi Eka,

Thanks for the lovely feedback, so good to have your kind words on here!
Looking forward to sharing the success and joy this site and my work are going to bring people.



Amber June 30, 2011 at 9:33 pm

Hi Stephen, i also do meditation and i certainly benefit greatly from it. Thanks for the sharing.

Master Meditation July 8, 2011 at 10:54 am

Hi Amber,

My pleasure! Thank you for your feedback.


Stephen 🙂

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