Meditation And Honouring Yourself

by Master Meditation on August 2, 2010

Meditation can aid you to rebuild your self esteem and your life as you wish it

Meditation can aid you to rebuild your self esteem and your life as you wish it

Meditation is a calling that is headed by many, for numerous reasons. Often through the need for stress relief and spiritual reasons. Though few ever look deeper than either of these main points. When you do you can find a world of ills or issues that need addressing, one of the chief ones is honouring yourself. Something that sadly few people ever do. Though with meditation it can be easy.
For the majority of my working life I worked with people, and a major portion of that was aiding people to change their lives. Whilst digging through I found many issues, complex, unpleasant, often self created. The majority came down to a single pair of points, people failing to honour themselves and lack of self esteem. Thankfully I was able to help them and many others, because they were all good people. They just needed nudging back on track, and reminding of who they were. More importantly what wonderful human beings they really are.

So do the majority of issues we deal with come down to self esteem and people being able to honour themselves? The answer from experience is yes. I used to think it was just in a certain small area because of local issues, then I worked in other areas of the same country, sure enough same issues. Maybe a country thing then? Moved abroad same thing, perhaps a western thing in English speaking countries? Moved again, this time to a country where English is a second language spoken by few, same issues. Finally accepted it is largely a global thing. We have moved far though seem to have lost so much for all of our technological advancement. Especially the sense of inner peace that existed within our cultures and societies for hundreds of years.

So how does this relate to meditation? Well, largely because cultures stopped doing it and lost their inner peace. When we can accept we have an issue, are willing to face it and do something about it, then through gaining inner peace and with meditation results can be achieved. Through meditation we can strip back the layers of veils that cloak who we are. Drop away the barriers and filters that block our true selves. Start to get back to who we are at the core. Our essence. Our soul. The truth as to who we are. When we can contact that again then a flow can be found that is easy to follow. A flow yielding far greater happiness than following the dictates of a wider society. When you go with your flow and your life purpose you begin to honour yourself properly. Through that honouring you can rebuild your form and character, in a way that brings far greater happiness. This then spirals upwards to affect everyone around you, some may like it, others less so, though is can hold positive seeds for your transformation.

In terms of what you should do, well whether you are learning how to meditate or have been meditating for some time, head into your meditation space. Use incense, instrumental music or both. Close your eyes, breathe, allow your mind to empty. At first this may be challenging, likely because you never really got to know yourself, now is the time to start doing so. As you spend longer in these meditations, ideally in silence if you can, you begin to know yourself. Over time you can know yourself deeply. This gives you a greater opportunity to honour yourself. With that honour you rebuild your life around you. Doing so in a manner that you see as right. Right for you to live. Everyone is different, so for everyone to live in the same way does create issues for people. Take your free will and exercise it. As with a physical body your free will becomes weaker when unexercised, causing dis-ease and ill feeling within. Through the meditation and being yourself you can regain your self esteem, your life, allowing you to be truly happy and at one with yourself. So wherever you are be it the US, UK, Japan or wherever, set up your meditation space and start to honour yourself. Build your life as you see fit and right for you.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and happiness, Namaste.


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eka August 3, 2010 at 9:54 am

indeed..many people hard to forgive their selves also..the big challenge not only to forgive people that hurt you and make you cant respect and honor theirs selves, but first forgive their selves for every mistakes that they have been made.because peacefulness only can take from forgiving..true releasing from pain and bitterness :) is good to build strong relationship with God also through meditation..agree completely 🙂

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