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by Master Meditation on April 21, 2011

Meditation and working with guided meditation can really help you.

Meditation and working with guided meditation can really help you.

Meditation is something that many turn too for peace and calm in life. Often at the beginning people start out with guided meditation. This in itself is a fairly good thing, the fact that people are actively doing something to improve their quality of life is great. Certainly when you are looking for guided meditations there are many different ones on the market throughout the US, UK and worldwide. Having a wide choice from many sources is good because of the number of different people and tastes.

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The advantages and disadvantages between doing your own meditation or following a guided meditation are numerous. What is important realistically though is what is right for you. If a guided meditation helps you to feel more comfortable and meditate more easily then that is a good thing. If you seek relaxation and calm then using guided meditations can be a great thing to do. Likewise there are other products available for manifestation, attracting love, becoming more psychic, improving health, and a host of other things.

If you are seeking pure spiritual enlightenment or knowledge of yourself then using guided meditations will be ok for a while. After that you will definitely need to do things for yourself so you can go to the places that others are unable to guide you to.

Whether you choose to use guided meditations or do your own meditation the principles are largely the same. Being in a comfortable place, that is a place that you feel comfortable, feeling at ease and being able to focus. A quiet place free of disturbance is ideal. Then how you choose to work with whatever CD or mp3 is important too. A strong recommendation is to use earphones. These will help you to ignore and reduce background noise. Thus putting you into what is effectively a quieter environment. If you already have a quiet space and it is ok then you should feel free to use speakers. It is worth noting that some meditation products use what are called binaural beats though. If you are using something with binaural beats then you will need headphones. This is because of the way the music works, with slightly different timing for each ear to set up particular effects in the mind.

When you are selecting guided meditations to work with there are a few things you should think about. Importantly always select something that works well for you, many people have good recommendations, though all recommendations come from what works for that person or another person, check to see how things work for you.

Once you have appropriate things selected then ideally you should use them within your meditation space. The main goal of meditation is to bring yourself to a place of being at peace, everything else that you might want to do hangs off this. Even if you are seeking to do manifestation of any type then getting yourself into a place of being at peace and relaxation is what will give you a stronger power for actually achieving your aim. When you are at peace within yourself you can bring more energy to focus on what you are aiming at. As you focus more energy and feel more at ease about what you are doing you actually draw that thing towards you more easily. Being in a state of calm is a powerful thing. It allows you to demonstrate to the universe in a very clear way that you have certainty about what you are doing and seeking. When you work with a high level of certainty then you greatly increase your opportunities for actually completing whatever aim you have set, doing it highly successfully and also more quickly. Time of course depends on many things, simple things can often be achieved quicker than others. Though with the right focus and energy anything is possible. Just be sure about what you want, and very exact about it too. Then go from a point of calmness and confidence. This gives a far greater power to you when working with guided meditations.

For more information on what to do and learning how to meditate, plus various things to note and do when you are beginning please check out “Meditation the basics for getting started on your journey”.

Wherever you are and whatever you are seeking I wish you serene meditations and every success.



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