Meditation And Finding Your Way

by Master Meditation on November 24, 2010

Working with a Meditation Master is valuable, working through Meditation with guides and higher beings is also valuable

Working with a Meditation Master is valuable, working through Meditation with guides and higher beings is also valuable

Meditation as you know can help with many things in life. When you are finding your way or seeking a path through life this can be especially true. Though all of us seek and need guidance at times, there are other times when finding our own way is important. Granted both ways are good at different times. Knowing how to find your own way is important, and can be relatively easy as I will show.

Yesterday I was talking with a very interesting man. Someone who has practiced shintoism for a very long time now, how many years I cared little to ask because it would have been in decades and irrelevant. The knowledge we talked through though was what was important. A strong reminder that sometimes you need to communicate with guides and god yourself. A way that shintoists practice. Seek the answers through your own meditation, though if you still need earthly help then ask a master who is in physical form in this life. Something I have long found a good approach. The answers are personal for everyone. Confidence in doing things right is what holds most people back.

Connecting with such people is relatively easy, after a little searching the often just become apparent through the syncronicity that runs in life. Often whether you are looking for a new teacher or not then one will appear. There is an age old saying, when the student is ready the master will appear. Well the master can appear in a number of ways, through a formal search looking for courses, via introduction from a friend or acquaintance, or even just out and casually chatting with a stranger who happens to be the person you need to commune with.

All that is great and masters have their place in life, equally well knowing how to get your own answers is important. Knowing how to communicate with the sources through mediation that can yield the answers you need often eludes many people. Probably because few people actually teach how to do it. Something which is sad as we all move through life at different paces and so opening up routes that can allow someone to progress at the right rate for them is something good and should be the natural thing to do.

Communing with higher beings and gods is relatively easy as mentioned with meditation and ascended masters. The best thing to do is either go to a sacred place and work within the energies there if you can remain disturbance free, or use your meditation space. Somewhere quiet ideally. Somewhere that you can focus your energies and thoughts easily. If you are doing this at home then please do feel free to use incense and soft meditation music that feels right for what you are going to do. These things are easy to acquire in the US, UK, Japan and most of the world, and can elevate the energy higher and aid your practice. Then having set your environment get into a comfortable seated position and close your eyes. Focus on gaining the guidance and answers you seek and breathe. Work through at least four rounds of Ha breathing, longer if you feel you can. Raise your energy up. Then begin eight long Om chants, raising your energy further and creating a higher connection. Gently slip deeper into your meditation. Holding your focus on what you need guidance with or answers to allow the god or being that can aid you most come to you naturally, when they do ask them three times if they are the one that can aid you the most. If they do anything other than answer yes three times in a relaxed and confident manner then wait for different guidance. When you do get the clarity of answer then begin to ask about what you have come for guidance with. You may well find that a long conversation begins with both of you communicating, if so then enjoy it, other times there may be a single word about what you need to do. Either way take this advice and work with it. The help that comes through this meditation is likely to be some of the best advice you can ever get, provided you have done the meditation properly. As always you should close of from the meditation and encounter with gratitude. Whenever you are helped in life it is good to give gratitude, that is especially true here. By giving gratitude you show appreciation for what you have been given, advice. Having done so gently bring yourself out of the meditation and sit for a few moments thinking about what has been shared with you. Effectively in a further light meditation. Once you feel you are ready to come fully out and have incorporated the learning and advice properly then allow yourself to come back into the world. Begin working with the advice. If you are given something so good then one of the most gracious things you can do is work with it.

This has worked incredibly well for me at the times I have needed it, I truly hope it works well for you when and if you need it too.

I wish you beautiful and gracious meditations, Namaste.


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