Meditation and Feeling Exposed

by Master Meditation on March 1, 2011

Meditation is a great aid when feeling exposed emotionally as it brings calm and positivity

Meditation is a great aid when feeling exposed emotionally as it brings calm and positivity

Meditation can be a great help when you are feeling exposed to the world emotionally. Sometimes opening up to the world can feel like a scary thing, yet doing so leaves the path open for amazing things to happen. People can feel torn between keeping their own counsel, holding feelings and thoughts to themselves, or opening up sharing their inner most private things. Both paths have their strengths and weaknesses. Both can hold advantage. Though at some point in time you reach a crossing point. A line so firmly drawn in time that clear decisions have to be made. Synchronicity raises these opportunities only a certain number of times, miss them and you have to wait for alternatives. Take them and the substance of your dreams can be realised, if you truly embrace them. Sometimes you have to free fall, take away the safety net, then just take a huge leap of faith.

When you act from a point of faith, going beyond the point of feeling safe, truly exposing yourself, you can allow true magic to come into your life. Be that love or whatever else it is that you seek to be successful with. Throughout life most people do hold themselves back in some way. Keep that little bit back from fully committing to a course of action, usually because in part they are scared of getting hurt, of things turning out differently to the way they wanted them to. Yet if you never give 100% to something how can you ever get 100%, or more, back? In truth you never would. The universe operates on a system of checks and balances, always returning to people what is right and correct for them to receive. So when you only operate on a partial level, you only get partial rewards back, regardless of how much the result means to you and how much you want it. You will continue to want it, until you either give up or commit to it fully. Granted at times you may still get a different result, but if you never open up 100% to the stuff of your dreams, then your dreams will never come to you 100%.

Opening up like this can set you on a emotional roller-coaster, that is true, though holding back harbours other problems. This is where meditation can prove amazing for you. When you practice meditation you can rise above the negative feelings. Let go of the fear and anxiety. Anxiety after all is a future based emotion, based on the perceived negative outcome of events, totally fruitless! Visualise things turning out in the way you desire them and the anxiety disappears, plus you set up a magnetic effect for drawing your desired result to you. By sending out thoughts of success for your desired outcome you focus energy on it, energy that the universe can recognise and work with, and as such aid you to achieve and manifest. Yet you can only do this when you work with full 100% commitment and total faith. So when you have something come up, commit to it, regardless of the emotional maelstrom that might open up as a result, commit and go for it. Then use meditation to aid you keep your emotions and faith in the right place, positive! This is where meditation proves an excellent companion to the law of attraction.

Take time when you need it in your meditation space, use incense that inspires good feelings within you, that aids you to feel better about yourself and confident. Plus calm and relaxing music if you feel the need, these things are easy to purchase throughout the US, UK, Japan and many parts of the world, use them because they will help you. When you have the right elements for your meditation space, use them, take time in your meditation space. Take time to be at one with yourself in peace. Begin Ha breathing, and do so for a few minutes or however long you feel is right. Then close your eyes, and then allow your heart and mind to become calm. Draw to mind the actions that have taken place, and then allow yourself to see the successful conclusion that you desire. Visualise it in all its glory. Immerse yourself in full vision of that successful vision, allow yourself to hear all the sounds that will be present, and the feeling you will feel to. Make sure they are all positive, then work with them as you meditate. Adjust them to the point that they are as positive as possible. Bask in the glory of the bright and successful completion of your desire becoming a reality, as you do this within your meditation your mind and heart focus energy on things happening to create the event on the physical plane. The seeds of your visualisation take more energy to grow with and become the substance of your life. This is a very powerful meditation technique when you fully commit to it. In those conditions the fruit that rises from such meditation brings great joy and happiness to the people who work with and practice it, I know this from experience. As with all your meditations, when you have held the vision for a good period of time allow yourself to gently come back into the room, giving gratitude and thanks whilst doing so. By giving gratitude to the universe you again set up a powerful attractant for your desire, because the universe picks up on your appreciation. It is always good to honour these things. Then when you open your eyes, just allow yourself to rest for a moment or two. Holding the relaxation and the joy you felt from your vision of your future success.

Wherever you are I wish you the life of your dreams, great joy and beautiful meditations.



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