Meditation And Faith

by Master Meditation on October 20, 2010

Meditation is wonderful for raising faith in your ability to enjoy the life you choose

Meditation is wonderful for raising faith in your ability to enjoy the life you choose

Meditation brings peace and focus on a mental, emotional and spiritual level that aids people greatly through life. One reason that few people live in the way they would like to is that they lack faith in their ability to create and live that life. Napolean Hill recognised this during the great depression of the 1920’s in America. Commissioned by Andrew Carnegie to write a book about success, he spoke and spent time with the most and least successful people at that time in the US. One of the things that was noticed to be common among those who lived the life they wished was that of faith. They had absolute faith in their deservedness and ability to live the life they wished.

Faith works on an interesting level. There is never really any strict proof for holding certain beliefs, they just feel right and so are taken as being right. Once the mind takes something on as a belief which is totally true, then it sets about making sure all the evidence around you points to the fact that it is true. Hence the reason that two people from teh same background can have wildly different lives. They hold in some way different beliefs. Thus different experiences will come to them and shape their lives.

So once you have this piece of knowledge you are in a powerful place. You can overwrite your old beliefs, and set new ones in place. Ones that yield the life you choose, whatever it may be. This is a place where many people talk about the law of attraction, a law based on belief and faith. Which yes, does work. By using meditation to take yourself into a deep state of relaxation, a state where your mind is naturally receptive. You can reprogram yourself in line with how you wish to be and live. The meditation allows you to access parts of your mind which are nearly impossible to reach for most people in a normal waking state. Whilst meditation also gives you the ability to have conscious control over what you do and what you can change.

As with all meditations of this type the best place you can go to is your meditation space. A place where you know you can have peace and calm for as long as you need it. For this meditation I do recommend using incense that aids mental focus, and if you are opting for music or are a beginner then I would suggest going for something with a binaural beat using theta or delta waves. Incense and meditation music for these things are widely available throughout the US, UK, Japan and the rest of the world. If you wish to lie down and  work with a crystal net here then I recommend working with Yellow Sapphire, Lybian Gold Tektite and maybe 4 Quartz points (one at the head pointing out, the others at your feet and sides pointing in). Set yourself up in a comfortable seated position for at least the first part. Take at least 10 good Ha breaths the longer the better, and build up energy in your solar plexus. Your solar plexus is the seat of your will and from where your power to create the world you wish for comes. Having taken your Ha breaths you can move into a comfortable lying position if you wish. Feel your mind blanking and going darker as you dive deeper inside, deep down into the depths of your mind and soul. As you go deeper you will encounter more realisations about your life, hold steady with your vision of how you wish to be. Doing this will allow you to build stronger faith in yourself. Faith that you can be and do anything you wish to. As you hold yourself in this meditation your world starts to change. With time and reinforcement from yourself your faith in leading the life you  wish gets stronger and stronger to the point that it is realitly at all times. The more you do this meditation the better, the peace you get enables you mind to function better, you get stress relief too, plus you get closer to living the life you wish sooner. As with all meditation when you are bringing yourself out, do so slowly, and also give thanks and gratitude to the universe or whomever you think is appropriate to thank. Over time this meditation has the ability to change lives in a wonderful way.

Wherever you are I wish you wonderful meditations and every success in your life. Namaste.


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Ruth Merry October 25, 2010 at 1:29 am

Thank you for this, Steve, it is really enjoyable reading. Very interestng to someone with a limited knowledge of meditation and very well written. You explain it so well, with just the right amount of background and context. Your knowledge and experience will benefit many people 🙂

Master Meditation October 25, 2010 at 4:46 pm

Hi Ruth,

Thank you kindly. It is always wonderful to get such lovely feedback and have greater awareness that my work is helping people in such a positive way.

Enjoy your meditations!



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