Meditation and Crystals

by Master Meditation on March 8, 2010

Meditation with Crystals is a great way to enhance the energy you wish to work with

Meditation with Crystals is a great way to enhance the energy you wish to work with

Meditation can be performed in a number of ways and with various aids, performing a meditation with crystals is a good way to enhance the energy that you wish to work with. All crystals and stones have their own unique energy and purpose, and by selecting the right crystals you are able to boost the energy you wish to work with.

Crystal energy and properties have drawn a certain amount of controversy over the years, and for some people they seem too new age or short of the scientific evidence that some wish to see. Certainly they are in many ways new age as there has been an upsurge in their use, however the spiritual healing properties of crystals have been know and noted for a great many years. In large part I am happy to share with you the experiences I have had, recommend good reference literature and allow you the opportunity to see how they work for you.

Crystal healing has seen good successes with a number of different practitioners, and certainly whilst I was in the UK I was fortunate enough to know a few, with Judy Hall, Sue & Simon Lily, Brian Parsons and many more all doing great work whilst providing training to others as well. The precept that the healing works on is that the energy field is manipulated and shifted in line with the energy of the crystal and the frequency it works on, thus bringing the energy field of the body back into a healthy state of alignment. Crystals are used in the majority of modern technology, through phones and computers to cars and within aircraft, the reason for this is the way they function and vibrate within electrical fields.

Your body also has an electrical field, albeit a relatively weak one in comparison, with your nervous system conducting electrical currents in order to make your body function. By shifting and altering these currents you can focus on different parts of your body and alleviate certain things too. Having been given a recommendation a while back for having brecciated jasper on me if I had a headache I decided to test it one day whilst at a friends business, I was stunned with how effective it was. Whilst I would still recommend that people seek medical advice from a doctor if symptoms persist or conditions are life threatening, I am also happy to say that the healing I have undergone has been highly effective.

Within meditation it is easy to combine the use of crystals, they can be held in the hands, worn as jewellery, placed in geometric arrangements within your meditation space or as crystal nets around the body, or used in countless other ways. The way you work with them in meditation is simple too, use whatever meditation technique you wish to and enjoy the energy boost that they provide. For example if working on your heart chakra consider working with Rose Quartz, Pink or Green Flourite, Rhodochrosite or Jade for example. If you are wishing to ground or cleanse then you could use Citrine, Black Tourmaline, Obsidian, Jet, perhaps Herkimer Diamonds or again many other crystals. There are many applications Citrine is also renowned to attract wealth as is yellow Sapphire, so work with them if your finances need an overhaul. Having Citrine and Quartz clusters within you meditation space is a good idea as they help to keep the energy clean and high, black tourmaline could also be used like this though it reduces the vibration of the area.

In short go into meditation as you would normally having chosen crystals or stones pertinent to what you wish to change and improve in your life. Even if you are learning how to meditate you can still do this, the energy will still work with you and enhance you meditation. The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall, plus various books by Sue & Simon Lily are available throughout the UK, US and the rest of the world. Working with some of the basic books is a good place to initiate your knowledge of crystals and help you decide which ones you wish to work with. Also if you are in the UK I recommend visiting Evolution on Fore Street in Exeter, they have an amazing range of Crystals there and Kay has a huge depth of knowledge of the subject.

Wherever you are are wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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