Meditation and Connection

by Master Meditation on September 18, 2011

meditation and connection

Meditation aids you in building deep connection with the universe

Meditation is a profound way to realise a deeper connection with your surroundings.


  • you feel disconnected
  • you feel alone
  • you feel out of touch
  • you feel like you are not you true self

Meditating helps you in a truly amazing way.

Like yourself many have encountered these kinds of issues for thousands of years. All to a greater or lesser degree. Some days maybe you feel better than others. Yet often there is a nagging thought in the back of your mind that things should be different. Things should be better.

Your sense of connection is a large part of this.

Your sense of connection to the world around you is one thing. Your actual connection and sense of it to the wider universe is a much wider and far greater thing though.

When you step outside of who you are in you current state. When you step into the greater you that is deeply connected to the wider universe. You see and feel things on an entirely different level.

You actually feel yourself, connected and as one.

It is relatively easy for you to do, people have been connecting like this in many ways for millennia. The results that you achieve from it are truly astounding. When you connect like this with the wider universe, you enter into a different state of being. The parts of you that had been fractured, hidden and dispersed suddenly pull back together.

You re-integrate.

As you do this you move into a different level of understanding of both the universe and yourself. With this comes a great sense of oneness and acknowledgement of your real identity. Over time and from numerous situations your programming can become fractured. You can loose efficiency and its true direction.

As you re-integrate you rectify this. You de-fragment the hard drive on your computer for this kind of reason. Your mind and soul benefit from similar action. As you effectively de-frag yourself and reboot, you notice that things are different around you. Also do to the changes with you, the situations around you change as well. It really is quite magical.

Just imagine, being able to fully unite yourself and retake your true identity.

Through meditating in the right way you can. Taking up a calm and peaceful mind is a very strong step in the right direction. Becoming mindful and practising mindfulness on a daily basis also give a good foundation to work from. Though there is more.

Doing meditation specifically focusing on reintegration is a major way to access that deeper level of connection. Whilst you are in many ways disintegrated you are unable to connect properly. To do this you will benefit greatly from an increased level of energy. Ha breathing is an excellent way to do so, calming too. Also ensure you are in a peaceful and nurturing place. You may feel that your meditation space is a good place for this, and it should be. Also you may wish to combine meditation and nature together, something that is also incredibly good for you. Wherever you choose to do this, ensure that you take plenty of time to build up sufficient energy in a calm way.

Having built energy up, the focus of your energy within meditation is that of reuniting yourself. Pulling all the elements of you back into a single united you. The sense of connection and good feeling you achieve from doing so is amazing. The more you do it, the deeper the connection you can attain.

This may be quick and easy for you. It may take you longer. It all depends on you, though you would be amazed how much faster it is possible to do than you think.

When you have done this:

  • You feel more comfortable within yourself
  • You feel and sense your connection on deeper levels
  • You shape the world around you in new ways
  • You feel you!

Of course after you have done this meditation, as with all meditating, taking time for gratitude is highly important. Showing gratitude also helps to to become more unified and generate a deeper rapport and connection with the universe.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful and serene meditations.

There are many resources to aid you on your path here. You can learn much more about meditation and what is meditation. Also the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections are there to help you. As is the meditation forum. The meditation forum is open to everyone and is a great place to share ideas and wisdom.


Stephen Frost

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