Meditation and Compassion

by Master Meditation on September 2, 2011

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Working with compassion and meditation can change you world.

Meditation and compassion are important things to incorporate in your life.


  • You feel hard done by others
  • You feel disconnected from the people around you
  • You want to build a closer rapport with the world you live in
  • You want to lead a more fulfilling life.

Then incorporating both meditation and compassion within your life is a very strong step forward to take.

You know about meditation and its value. It can create within you internal transformations that enable you to achieve levels of relaxation and stress relief that you never had before. It can open up all kinds of wonderful doors to you that you never knew existed. Then once you travel through those doors you find yourself being able to enjoy beautiful new worlds and take further amazing opportunities.

When you embrace it meditation it truly wonderful for you.

Though you can things further. You can get more from it and from your life too. Imagine yourself totally enjoying your life, imagine yourself feeling fulfilled and totally happy. Allow yourself to smile as you do so, and now realise that you can achieve that.

If you are feeling hard done by others then on some level internally part of you is creating an image that attracts that. The same is true if you feel disconnected from people around you. It all comes from an internal viewpoint. It comes from the deep core within you.

You are likely unaware of how these things are projected from you, because they happen on an unconscious level. From the depths of your mind and without you noticing they come forth and go out into the world.

Leading you to have less rapport with the world than you are capable of achieving and less than you would wish for. This can have you finding that doors are closed where you expected them to be open. Though you can do something about this.

You can create openings and brighten your world easily.

You can through very simple means open up your world and bring light into it in a beautiful way. You can create that fulfilment that you seek, easily and effortlessly.

When you work with compassion you elevate yourself to a different level. When you view everything and everyone around you in a brighter more caring and loving way you set up a chain reaction. A reaction that comes back to you in a very positive way.

When you display and truly feel compassion for everyone and everything then you are setting up a magnetism for good things in your life. Things do brighten because you are brightening them yourself. You are taking control in a very special way. By giving out that love and caring to the world, you open yourself up to experience more love and care within yourself.

As you work with compassion on a daily basis: You will find others treating you well, You will find yourself enjoying good connections with those around you, You develop a closer rapport with the world because you are open to it, You will find your sense of fulfilment rejuvenated and good again.

If you are seeking a good way to work with this within meditation, then here is a good way to do so. Within your meditation space, get yourself into a comfortable seated position initially and enjoy 5 to 10 minutes of Ha breathing. The Ha breathing will calm and relax you, whilst also energising you. Then you can either stay seated or relax into a reclined position.

Closing your eyes, move into a state of deep relaxation. As you do this, become aware of the world and the universe around you. Feel your energy as it flows and spreads out into the world around you. Feel as your energy flows to everyone and everything that you are connected with in life. Notice what those connections are like, feel how bright and healthy they are. It may be that you would like to strengthen those connections and generate better feelings. You can.

Feel yourself taking a deeper level of care for that connection, and who or what it is that you are connecting to. Flow love and respect from yourself through the connection. Flow that love and respect to the level that you are happy to do so. Noticing as you do how the connection changes. As you flow energy, love and respect notice that the connection becomes brighter.

Feel yourself filling with compassion for everyone and everything around you. Then spread and share that compassion where you need to. Feel your connections improving as you do so.

Then when you are ready, just relax, enjoy the feeling of compassion and connection. Feel good about the deeper level of rapport and connection you are creating, and the joy you bring with it. As you do so take a few moments for gratitude and mindfulness. Remembering that once you have risen up out of your meditation that it is good to practice mindfulness and gratitude on a daily basis. Then opening your eyes, come back into the room and feel good within yourself. Smile.

A simple meditation this is, and an effective one for you to do too. I hope you enjoy it and the other meditations available here too.

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you. Also the meditation forum. The meditation forum is open to all and is a great place for gaining and sharing wisdom.

Wherever you are I wish you joy as you meditate and throughout your life.


Stephen Frost

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eka September 12, 2011 at 12:50 am

well’s truly good article steve.I can see how much you make many progress now.keep going.God bless!

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