Meditation And Change

by Master Meditation on September 20, 2010

Meditation is of profound help when dealing with change

Meditation is of profound help when dealing with change

Meditation can be a great ally in times of change. When things are uncertain, or change abruptly with seemingly no warning, meditation can provide the oasis of calm needed to rise above and move forward. Currently it seems the world is going through a time of compressed change, and as Steve Judd says this is affecting everyone in different ways. Every so often and frequently at present, something appears out of the blue, something profound that you never expected, sometimes this is pleasant and other times you wish things could be different. When you can rise above the madness that is seeming to swirl around you, you can deal with these things more quickly and more effectively.

At times of change stress is usually high, so getting stress relief is a high priority. Meditation of course is one of the paramount things for attaining stress relief, by creating calmness in your mind the stress ebbs away. As you gain greater stress relief from the situation you are in you can gain mastery of your feelings and thoughts with greater clarity. All negative emotion serves a purpose, and all of it is appropriate for a period of time, that period should be relatively short though in comparison to the length people usually hold on to it for.

Once you have started to create calm in your mind you can start making sense of things, this should only be done once you have a good level of calm in your mind. Meditate and create the calm, then through meditation expand that calm out so you can deal with the situation more effectively. The lessons will come to you during the time you are meditating, and likely whilst you are doing other things too. Maybe while staring out of the window on the subway, walking through the park, or sitting in a cafe. All these times are times that you drift into trance, and trance is the state you go into during meditation. So whatever comes to you check out, work with the thoughts and feelings. See where they take you and what purpose and reason you can find within them. They all hold the seeds for your spiritual healing, messages come in strange forms at times, though all messages contain learning.

The best way to deal with these things is to go into your meditation space. Use incense and or music, both of which have many options throughout the US, UK, Japan and most of the world for varying tastes. Using whatever things feel right to you in the background, start to ease your breathing, then begin Ha Breathing for 10 or 20 breaths or more if you feel up to it. Close your eyes. Ease your mind and allow it to relax. Gently ease yourself deeper into trance. Deeper into meditation. Allow your mind to be free and thoughts and feelings to come to you. With each thought honour it with gratitude for coming to you, and work out what it means to you. Take your time, the more carefully you work through your thoughts the more you will uncover from them. Each thought contains seeds, allow the seeds to germinate and grow, reveal their nature and fruit to you. Feast on the fruit and nurture your mind. As you nurture your mind more with the fruits of these seeds you will find your mind eases further. As it eases more becomes clear and you make forward movement into clearer places that yield greater comfort to you. Again show gratitude for this, be grateful for everything that takes you to a higher place of being. From challenge and adversity comes growth, when you take the opportunity and grow then these things have meaning, work with that meaning and you grow into the person you truly are. Work with it through meditation like this and you will find greater fulfilment and happiness. This can be done easily by anyone whether you are learning how to meditate or have been meditating for years.

Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and happiness, Namaste.


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