Meditation and Body Cleansing

by Master Meditation on March 15, 2010

Meditation goes to greater depths after a good body cleanse

Meditation goes to greater depths after a good body cleanse

Meditation and body cleansing go hand in hand in many ways, both are about purification. When going into a meditation it is always wise to cleanse physically first, likewise if you are wishing to cleanse your body internally and detox then it is a good idea to purify your mind before or during the time that you cleanse your body.

There are a number of ways in which you can cleanse yourself, purging your system with various natural foods and drinks, fasting and a whole host of other things. When heading into a meditation on a normal day though the only thing you really need to do is ensure that you feel clean. A good way to achieve this is having a shower and washing thoroughly, though if that is impractical for any reason then using a flannel and cleaning your face, ears, neck and hands as a minimum would be ok. Obviously there are circumstances when these sorts of things are difficult, getting yourself as clean as possible is a good thing though.

The reason for having a good body cleanse prior to meditation is so that your body feels comfortable, relaxed, clear of impurities and to an extent you have cleared your aura or energy field. One of the best ways to do an energetic cleanse of your aura is a cold shower or getting into salt water again preferably cold, granted for some people this can be challenging, however it provides a very good cleanse. Once your body and aura are cleansed you will find it much easier to head into meditation achieving a good depth of relaxation, focus and stress relief with it.

As a further benefit if you have been experiencing stress you will find a good energetic body cleansing will help to bring stress relief. A really good way to do this if you have an aversion to cold water is to run a warm bath and use Himalayan Rock Salt crystals in the bath, these have been widely remarked to bring benefit in the form of healing and also stress relief. Having tested them myself I can happily attest to feeling much better than I would have after a normal bath, the salt itself is known to draw impurities out and away from the body, as such leaving you feeling far better.

Body cleansing also helps to open up the energy meridians, allowing your body to work in its natural flow properly. When your body is in its natural flow you can take your mind into a deeper trance and meditation state more easily as your system is working in harmony and everything is in its rightful place. When meridians are out of line due to energy flows which are inefficient then the body holds a feeling of stress, thus distracting your mind away from where you wish it to be.

Having cleansed properly and feeling fresh as a result the meditation you can head into should prove to be a peaceful and restorative one. Likewise if you are looking to focus on something within your life, be that a manifestation, attraction or whatever then you are going to be able to focus on achieving that far more easily. Also when first learning how to meditate it means that you can learn more efficiently as you cleanse away many causes of distraction.

Going to a deeper level with body cleansing in terms of doing a fast, eating raw foods or various other dietary options including vegetarianism can assist your meditation too. By eating good wholesome foods that have a body cleansing action while you digest them, largely through detoxification, you access a more pure energetic level that allows your body, mind and spirit to operate more efficiently. If you are looking for the best detox and nutritional products then I totally recommend the following nutritional and body cleansing products.

If you wish to have crystals within your meditation space then using four pieces of Citrine in a grid arrangement can help to cleanse the area inside the net they form, Citrine is readily available in the UK, US and the majority of the world so this is easy to do if you wish to do it.

Wherever you are and whatever meditation you are choosing to do I wish you bliss and serenity, Namaste.


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