Meditation And Body Cleansing II

by Master Meditation on July 26, 2010

Doing a full body cleanse can massively enhance your meditation practice

Doing a full body cleanse can massively enhance your meditation practice

Meditation yields you greater results if you have completed a good internal body cleanse. By flushing out all the toxins and junk that your body stores you can have a system which is cleaner and clearer. Much like a with rivers and the sea, when the water is clean you can see greater health and life within it, when it is murky and polluted the life there is much reduced. It is the same with your body, so doing a detox and body cleanse on a regular basis does you much good for your meditation practice and your life.

There are many options for you go about doing a proper internal cleanse and detox, the concept and process exists throughout many cultures. From pure water fasting where you have nothing but glasses of water for a day or more, through raw food diets where you have raw vegetables and fruits. Also there are other tailored products with high nutritional content that are designed to flush your system and replenish it on a cellular level, bringing strong life back after clearing away the mess that had accumulated.

By choosing an appropriate system for you and backing it with the intake of high quality nutrition to keep you functioning in an efficient way then you can truly lift your mind, body and spirit to a much higher level. Having worked with a number of different systems over the years I can happily say that getting good quality minerals and vitamins in after an effective internal cleanse definitely leads to far greater results. Though you should always choose a system that is appropriate you and your needs, it is after all you that shall gain the benefit.

When you have done a detox and internal body cleanse you will notice your senses feel clearer, especially your mind. With this clarity comes the increased ability to gain greater results from your meditation. The body and mind link in a very strong way, if either is polluted in any way it has an effect of the other. So by flushing out impurities from your system you can flush them from your mind more easily too. By that virtue, once you can clear your mind more efficiently you can keep yourself physically clearer too. Having done a body cleanse you can release certain dependencies from your mind, cravings for certain foods reduce and disappear allowing to become healthier physically as well as in mind. With a cumulative effect for both. The more you work on clearing each one the more you get from life. Granted I still enjoy certain foods and drinks like dark chocolate and coffee, though on occasions, something I feel very happy about. Thanks to my meditation practice I am far more in control of what I put into my body and when I put it in.

Stress is commonly linked with junk food, chocolate and alcohol and a so called dependency on them. Once you begin to work on stress relief through meditation and incorporate a good body cleanse on a regular basis then those dependencies can disappear. You can still enjoy those things at times, though never be governed by them again. That is the key, being able to master control of your mind, body and spirit so you can achieve the life and feeling you desire. It is far easier than most people believe, it just takes a few hints to get you in the right direction so you can enjoy the good health and life you seek. Incorporate meditation and work with it regularly and ensure you have high quality nutrition daily with a regular body cleanse.

Where ever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and a joyful life, Namaste!


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