Meditation And Being In The Moment

by Master Meditation on March 28, 2010

Meditation is a great way to aid you enjoy living life by being in the moment

Meditation is a great way to aid you enjoy living life by being in the moment

Meditation means many things to many people, to some it requires strong discipline and dedication, to others it can be very flexible and easy going. Within this there are many different shades of styles and ways of meditating, with differing levels of dedication and regularity. From specific practices like Transcendental meditation, Zen and others to the totally relaxed freeform that other people practice where they just go for it clearing their mind or retaining focus on one thing. It can be whatever you wish it to be.

To that point being in the moment, or living in the moment is something which can go hand in hand with meditation. When you can take yourself to the point where you are able to release your thoughts and concerns easily, you can then turn anything into a meditation. Allowing yourself to meditate whilst walking or even sitting in a cafe watching the world go by. This then takes you to the point where you can live in the moment. A point which brings profound stress relief and has huge benefit for your wellbeing, allowing your body to truly relax and take the time for physical and spiritual healing it needs.

So how do you move from meditation to living in the moment, well largely through allowing yourself to relax and enjoy life. Seems strange I will admit, however most people rarely allow themselves to truly relax, constantly worrying about what they should worry about or do next. Allow yourself time to breathe and just let your concerns slip away, for an hour, an afternoon, a day or however long you feel able to give yourself initially. Once you begin with this practice you will find that you can do it more often, the fringe benefit is that as the stress relief slips in you gain better focus and more energy. As such when you do need to do something you can achieve it to a higher level of quality and likely faster than you would have done before.

Through learning how to meditate and working with various meditation techniques and new age practices you take your mind to a point where you have greater ability to achieve what you desire in life, accomplishing it in a more timely manner. Plus you get to enjoy a means of stress relief that gives you a more relaxed enjoyable life.

To put this into practice just give yourself perhaps 30 minutes initially and go for a walk or sit in a cafe on a side walk, then allow your mind to relax. Let your concerns of the world slip away and start to acknowledge the beauty in the world around you. If you see something which inspires you or fills you with warmth to behold the beauty of it, whatever it may be, take a moment and acknowledge it. Literally just give it credit, say to yourself wow that is beautiful and give thanks for the universe sharing it with you. By pay compliments out in this way the universe takes on a greater beauty, and your appreciation will yield stress relief and enjoyment for you.

Through practicing meditation at home, in the park or wherever you wish you will bring greater mastery of your mind, then once you have learnt how to meditate and master meditation you will be able to do this more easily. A couple of good books to read which may aid you with shifting your mindset to one of enjoying your world more easily are “The Way Of The Wizard” and “The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success” by Deepak Chopra, they help you to change the way you look at the world, experiencing it in a more enjoyable way.

So permit yourself to relax fully, let your concerns slip away, enjoy the world and being in the moment. Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations and enjoyment of your world, Namaste.


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