Meditation And Autumn Equinox 2010

by Master Meditation on September 23, 2010

Autumn Equinox and Full Moon 23rd September 2010, great time for Meditation!

Autumn Equinox and Full Moon 23rd September 2010, great time for Meditation!

Meditation is a great thing to do at Autumn Equinox. With it being the mid-point between summer and winter it is a great time to give gratitude for all that has happened during the fertile time of summer, and prepare for the onset of different energies. Today also is full moon which adds a great energy to an already powerful day in terms of energies.

Giving gratitude and honouring all that has come to pass so far is a good thing to do today, especially with the energies being so high. Really it is a rarity to have a full moon on such a day. Here I awoke to the most powerful thunder storm I have experienced, there was no time lag between the lightning and the thunder, the storm was happening in my neighbourhood. It was quite an experience to feel the building actually shaking when the thunder sounded. Though as the day has moved on a greater air of peace has unfolded and set in. It was a wonderful energetic cleansing to start the day with, and the energy feels very fresh outside now.

Having taken time for a really thorough personal cleanse I set everything for the meditation to honour the energies and give gratitude. Incense and sound from a singing bowl were used to clean the energies within my meditation space, the Kyphi incense as always was wonderful with its affect. Food had also been prepared ready to feast on afterwards. Following this crystals were laid in a manner appropriate to the occasion and purpose of the meditation and then I moved into the space and a comfortable cross legged position. Starting with ten minutes of Ha breathing before going on to Om chanting prepared my mind body and spirit thoroughly for the meditation I was heading into. The meditation focused upon giving gratitude and honour for all the things that have occurred through the year, for the point they have brought me to and for where they are leading. Focusing on the forward movement from here also helped to solidify the energy with spirit for what I am achieving and where life is moving to. This was then sealed off with further Om chanting and a final giving of gratitude.

Wherever you are I wish you a wonderful Autumn Equinox, a beautiful full moon and a wonderful moon festival if you are in or from China. Namaste!


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