Meditation And Ascended Masters

by Master Meditation on April 6, 2010

Working with Ascended Masters within Meditation is relatively easy, an Ascended Master like Ganesh can be a strong ally

Working with Ascended Masters within Meditation is relatively easy, an Ascended Master like Ganesh can be a strong ally

Meditation can be used for many things and in some cases people use it to work with the energy of ascended masters. Whilst perhaps this could be considered a little beyond the reach of those learning how to meditate, it is firmly possible to do once you have built up good experience of meditation. On that note even if you are learning how to meditate you could work with a guided meditation that takes you through the process of working with an ascended master, and can aid you with the meditation you require to achieve your desired result.

Far from being a strange new age thing this is something that meditation practitioners and masters have done down through the ages, the principle being to access the ascended master via the astral plane. When working on the astral plane time and space become largely irrelevant as you work in the realm of energy and thought alone, as such meaning you can move freely through time and space. Certainly this has become a stronger part within the practice of many people and other new age techniques they use, though the concept of seeking the assistance of a great master on current issues has always been one of importance.

In order to work on this level it is important to have full knowledge of what you wish to achieve in terms of assistance, so knowing fully what the issue is and what must be resolved to get the desired result. Knowing these things then permits you to work out which ascended master will be most appropriate to work with i.e. which one has abilities best suited to aiding you. That said some people do just naturally find an affinity with a certain or several certain masters, if this is so for you then search your heart and mind to check if they are the right one to work with.

So first off work out what the exact crux of your problem is, go as deep into it as possible, finding the root cause of the issue. Then once you know the root cause and of course how it is affecting your life and the situation around you, work out the way you would like the solution to be different from how things are now. With this information you can then work out which of the ascended masters to work with, for issues around obstacles and creating the life you desire Ganesh could be good, if you need to sort out love issues then Quan Yin may be of aid, if travel has become an issue then St Christopher has been trusted for years. For those seeking spiritual healing the angel Raphael has aided many people with divine healing. These are just a few examples, and there are many more are out there.

So how exactly do you then work with an ascended master, well realistically it is fairly simple. You go into your meditation as you would normally, then conducting yourself with grace call upon and communicate with the ascended master you have chosen to seek assistance from. For many people this will be in the form of a conversation with the master. For others it could be in the form of prayer, sometimes little will need to be said as the ascended master will just open themself to you and share with you the wisdom you need to make the changes you seek. The ascended masters are full of compassion and willing to aid the universe in moving to a higher plane of existence, so when you call they will be happy to work with you, provided they are in a position to share relevant wisdom to the issues you have.

Again having a good meditation space to work within is key here, a place where you can happily be remain disturbance free for the duration of the meditation. Also there are incenses blended to evoke many of the masters and they are widely available throughout the UK, US and majority of the world. Whomever you seek to work with in order to enhance your life, I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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