Meditation and Achieving Your Dreams

by Master Meditation on November 18, 2011

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Meditation helps you unlock your mind power and achieve your dreams

Meditation can help you massively when you want to achieve your dreams.


  • You feel unhappy with what you have
  • You feel an absence of the life you seek
  • Your dreams have been failing to come true
  • You know inside that you are capable of so much more

Then learning about meditation, working with meditation techniques and doing manifestation work can massively help you.

Having a strong and immovable focus on what you have a burning desire for pays you huge dividends. You do need to know what it is that you want though. Without knowledge of what you are seeking and striving for then nothing happens. Creating that knowledge within yourself is therefore the first step, and also the biggest.

Once you have a clearly definable aim, something tangible, that you are going for, you can begin to bring it into being.

It’s all about applying your mind power.

Your mind is amazing. When you apply your mind power to something properly it is astounding exactly what you can accomplish. If you look at successful people the vast majority of them had a very clear aim in mind when they set out to do what they did. Ideas and aims can change and adapt of course. Always there is a clear definable thing which begins it all though.

So what do you want?

When you know what it is, write it down. When you write it, write it in such a way that it is phrased as if you are experiencing it now. See what you would see, hear what you would hear, and feel what you would feel. Then create the experience within your mind and write it down.

Having done so you have pulled the achievement several steps closer to yourself.

But you can do so much more. You can pull it really close. You can pull it so close that you can just about touch it. Maybe you can pull it so close that you can touch it.

Achieving your dreams is all about your mind and your mindset.

When you fully back yourself, have faith in yourself and believe in yourself, then you can really achieve your dreams. Clearing your mind of the things that are holding you back is therefore vital. Some of the stuff you will know about. Other things may be a little more elusive. All of it can be cleared though. What’s more it is in your best interest to clear it out. Clear out your karma too.

As you clear out the things that have held you back you also free up energy. You free energy up to actually support you in the achievement of your dreams.

Imagine having a mind and a life so sorted that you achieved everything you ever put your mind to.

Pause. Sit for a moment. Allow that thought to settle inside. Feel how it shifts inside you. Feel how it changes things, how it causes them to develop.

Now realise all that is within your grasp.

All you have to do, all you ever had to do, is clear your mind and create the thoughts that will support you. When you do this the outside world shifts and shapes to accommodate the changes you have made on an external level. Synchronicity comes to you, easing your path to that which you seek. Synchronicity gives you huge leverage for attaining that which before may have seemed impossible. Enabling your dreams to come to life on the physical plane in as much vivid colour and splendour as they did within your mind.

You are capable of so much more than you ever realised, and it all hinges on the way you think. Free your mind and you free your life too. Free it all to be the way you wish to be. Free yourself to truly be yourself, beyond the limitations that you had accepted before. Working with Om meditation is an amazing way to do this!

Life is a generous and precious gift. You can do whatever you wish with what you have. Remake the rules, make your own rules, work with your mind and create amazing things to enjoy.

Master meditation is here to help you get everything you wish to from your life. Everything here has been developed and designed to aid you in the greatest way possible. So check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections, there are things there to help you.

The meditation forum is also there for your benefit. Within the meditation forum you can seek advice and wisdom as you need it.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and the achievement of your dreams.



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