Meditation and Achieving Clarity

by Master Meditation on December 9, 2011

om meditation brings clarity

Meditation is amazing for bringing clarity, the Om meditation is one that will massively help you.

Meditation is an excellent way to achieve clarity.


  • Your mind is foggy
  • You are struggling to make good decisions
  • You feel everything around you seems so confusing

Then cleansing your mind in meditation will aid you in achieving the clarity that you need.

Through life you collect a set of experiences, emotions and beliefs. At times these can empower you and help you move forward. At others times they can bring fog to your vision and prevent you from seeing things as they really are. When this happens you can flounder in indecision or poor decision. You end up in a very unpleasant place where things just seem to get worse.

This is when talking time out to cleanse your mind is a profoundly good thing for you. Cleaning out all the things that hold you back. Your old emotions that only serve to restrain you in life. Your old beliefs that complicate things rather than simplify them.

When you take time to address all these issues you will be amazed by the impact you get. Cleaning out your mind. Clearing away old emotions. Cleaning out old belief systems. Basically cleansing away everything that fails to empower you, moves you to an amazing place.

You move to a point of self empowerment.

As you do this your sense of clarity massively shifts. Things come and things go, we all know this. Yet often people hold on to things out of a desperate sense of need to. Feeling that letting things go will in some way be bad. Well, some around you may think so. Yet the results you get from letting go speak for themselves.

You achieve clarity and strength.

The strength you achieve comes on a number of levels. Emotionally you can learn from lessons without being fogged by them. Mentally you achieve understanding and release confusion. Spiritually your soul moves to higher planes of existence bringing you greater fulfilment than before.

You do require a certain sense of self discipline here. Letting go of things from the past can be challenging at times. You probably have certain things you feel you need to keep hold of. The reality is that those things are probably the ones you most need to release. Take the learnings from them for sure. Ensure you can achieve better outcomes in the future, yes. Though release the old situations that tie you to your past.

You do the best you can with the resources you have. As you learn from things your resources change. They upgrade. You upgrade. You become stronger, wiser and more adept at living the way you wish to.

So upgrade yourself!

Imagine feeling truly amazing.

Know that it is within your grasp, all you have to do is take action. Make the decision and then begin to work on yourself. You work for others. So take time and work on yourself. You will be far happier for taking the time to do so.

Take yourself into your meditation space. Relax. Light some incense. Breathe deeply. Enjoy the aroma and allow your mind to be free. Release off the shackles that you have weighed yourself down with. Enable yourself to be free.

A really good way to work into a powerful position with this meditation is to work with Ha breathing first. Build up energy internally. Energy that you can then direct into breaking the bonds that held you back. You are working with your neurology. More importantly, you are changing your neurology. That takes energy to do, and is so well worth doing.

As you shift your neurology and change the way your mind works you will feel lighter. Your sense of being ascends. Like a balloon your soul inflates and rises above the ground, into rarer and clearer air.

You attain the clarity that you need.

The more you meditate the easier this becomes, and it is an ongoing process. You are always picking up new experiences, therefore there will be times when you have to release more things in the future. Though every time you do this it becomes easier. Your mind becomes aware of what is needed and works faster in doing it. Enabling you to be freer and happier.

Your replace those old feelings with ones of joy and bliss.

Live free.

Working with Om meditation massively helps with this meditation too. The vibration you get from Om moves you into a space where release becomes easier and feelings of joy can flood into the space created.

You have an amazing level of control over your life available to you here. When you choose to use it and enjoy it then you empower yourself and live on a wonderful new level.

So in doing this meditation:

  • You achieve clarity
  • You achieve joy in your life
  • You achieve a level of mastery over you life and direction

There are many thing to aid you in achieving mastery available here. Check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. The various resources have been specially created to help you achieve what you seek in your life. The are all unique and have been created uniquely and with love for you and your development.

The meditation forum is also there to help you. Within the meditation forum you can get assistance, guidance and share wisdom with others.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations, an open path and clarity.


Stephen Frost

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