Meditation and Achieving A Quiet Mind

by Master Meditation on September 23, 2011

Meditation Quiet Mind Meditation is great for achieving a quiet mind

Meditation is one of the premier ways of achieving a quiet mind.


  • You are plagued by non-stop thoughts racing through your head
  • You have a swell of negative emotion battering you heart and mind
  • You have too many things happening around you
  • You have no time to think
  • You feel yourself drowning in ocean of anxiety and depression

Then you can benefit massively from learning how to meditate.

From the time that the human race moved beyond the most basic of functions and began to think, meditation became a revered way to change the state of the mind, heart and consciousness. Through the ages various races and civilisations have noted the value of meditation, in varying forms. Meditation is nothing new. Yet despite its age it grows more wonderful and amazing every time it is practised.

When you practice meditation you truly are practising. You are learning more about meditation and what is meditation every time. You and everyone else that ventures into meditation practices, always. Because you are always deepening and accessing even finer states. Each meditation being a practice that can take you to an even more wonderful place the next time.

Through this you find that you can always access something more wonderful and interesting. Part of which can help you to still you mind.

When you have something wonderful to concentrate on your mind can let go of the trash that accumulates around it each day. Those bits of stress that lingered before, just get shrugged away as you move into spaces more wondrous and beautiful than anything you previously conceived.

You get to a space where you achieve a quiet mind.

Achieving a quiet mind is no small ting for you to do. Certain discipline is required of you mentally if you wish to achieve a quiet mind. Achieving a quiet mind requires you to shift your way of thinking, shift to a way of being without thought. It is totally worth your while though.

In achieving a quiet mind you set yourself free of the string that bind you to the thoughts that held you back.

You move into a space where your mind can actually manoeuvre freely. It can shift in ways that may never have been considered before. Yet in the light of clarity become so glaringly obvious and logically brilliant that you wonder why you never went with them before.

As your self discipline increases you quiet your mind further and further. Everyone starts with a different level of self discipline, and to each person that means something different. As you continue with your practice, as you meditate more and more, your mind alters. You take on a different level of self discipline.

This all happens in a very good way for you.

Your self discipline increases, yet it does so in a way that is gentle on you. You learn to treat yourself with greater respect and deeper kindness of heart.

That has got to be a good thing for you, right!

As your mind becomes quieter you can step into the space that is the really you. The deep down core of you. The person whom you feel most comfortable being. The old conditioning and patterning that you took on just to keep others happy gets shrugged away like the layers of grime that disappear when you refresh in the shower.

Just imagine yourself cleansing your soul like you do your body in the shower.

It is actually relatively easy for you to do. It just requires you to take the decision to make that change, and then follow through. It really is that simple. Once you set off along the path to freedom and joy the only thing you have to do is keep yourself on it. Which when you know how wonderful the reward is for your effort is actually really easy for you to do.

Achieving a quiet mind:

  • Enables you to move forward easily
  • Puts you in a space where you can actively enjoy your world
  • Takes you to a place of joy and good feeling
  • Puts you back in control

Take it easy on yourself. Move at a pace that you are happy with. Take time and progress as you feel is right for you. Meditate in different ways, sometimes blanking your mind as you would with zazen, other times work with a guided meditation if you wish. Everything you do as you develop and learn how to meditate carries you closer to achieving a quiet mind and the peace that you seek.

Try a peaceful meditative session with one of the free 10 minute meditation videos from SurgingLife.Com.

Through out this site there are many resources to aid you. Check the sections on guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources. They have all been out together to help you to meditate more effectively.

I look forward to helping you further on your journey.


Stephen Frost

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