Meditation and Accessing Crystal Energies

by Master Meditation on July 22, 2011

Meditation is a wonderful way to access crystal energies.

Meditation is a wonderful way to access crystal energies.

Meditation is great for accessing crystal energies. For thousands of years people have held belief in the power held within stones. That each different stone has it’s own properties and can impart certain energies and knowledge to the user. Many people still work with these beliefs today, with crystal healers amongst others working on healing people by using the energy from crystals.

Choosing and using crystals is a very personal thing. Partly because there are so many properties and crystal meanings. Everyone has different things they desire within their lives. For some people there is physical, mental or emotional healing, for others the attraction of a soul mate or the manifestation of something else. Some people desire better communication, a harmonious peaceful environment, or improved psychic ability. There are stones with properties that can aid practitioners with the various different things that they are seeking. I strongly recommend checking out some of the great books available widely in the US and UK for good information on crystals and their meanings to see what would be good for you. Judy Hall’s “The Crystal Bible“, and Robert Simmons & Niasha Ahsian’s “The Book of Stones: Who They Are & What They Teach” are two books that I strongly recommend.

When it comes to accessing these energies there are a number of ways that you can do so. Merely having a stone within your energy field or aura, will create an energetic shift. Creating crystal nets can create a more profound change. Though one of the strongest methods of accessing the energies is through meditation. If you going into a meditation with a crystal and focus purely on the crystal then you delve deeper within it and can access its energy on a more profound level.

How you position the crystal has importance as well. If you hold it in your hand then the choice of hand has significance. If you are right handed then your left hand is your receiving hand and used to draw energy inside, and the right hand is your directing hand which sends energy out into the universe. Of course if you are left handed then your left hand is for directing and your right for receiving. So for example if you want to bring new energy into yourself and change something internally, then your receiving hand would be good to use. If you wish to manifest something within your life and make external changes then using your directing hand would be good.

A crystal meditation can be a powerful thing to do. Accessing the energy while you meditate can bring powerful and profound change when done properly. Though as the saying goes, great power comes with great responsibility. So be sure that you are up to using the power ethically and for the good of all, otherwise you may yourself being bitten back later. A far from pleasant experience that likely many can testify to. If you are working on healing yourself, healing others who want healing, or creating change that is positive for all, then everything should be totally ok though.

As with all meditations going into a meditation space for crystal meditation is ideal. Having a place where you can control the environment, keeping it peaceful will allow you to access crystal energy more easily and effectively. Also performing Ha breathing prior to doing any deep meditating is good as it will help you to work more effectively too. Having built up energy you can then move into whatever position is comfortable for you. This partly depends on what you wish to achieve and what type of stone you are using, for example if you are doing a heart healing meditation, or one to attract love, then placing the relevant stone on your heart would be good. As such you can either use a pendent which allows you to be upright, or lie down and place the stone on top of your rib cage above your heart. Your choice of stone therefore is important in terms of how you will position yourself while you are meditating. Go with what you feel is right instinctively, you can always build on it, change or alter it in whatever way you wish to later. Then allow yourself to connect with the energy of the crystal. Focus on it. Form a union and permit yourself to feel its energy moving within you. Doing so for as long as feels right for you, you will know when you need to finish and come out of your meditation. When you do so though give gratitude for the energy you have received and the changes that you have and are going to experience. Then take a few moments quietly to allow yourself to adjust and hold the relaxation along with your new state before doing anything else.

For further information on this and other meditating tips go to meditation ebooks and resources.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and a prosperous life.



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