Mastering Meditation for Spiritual Healing

by Master Meditation on February 1, 2010

Master Meditation: How to Meditate for Spiritual Healing

Master Meditation: How to Meditate for Spiritual Healing

Everyone who has ever done any meditation will know full well what a serene and calming experience it can be, once the initial clearing of the mind has been done. Learning how to meditate opens up a whole new world for many people in terms of what is possible, and how their mental, emotional and physical health can improve. For many years there was great doubt amongst westerners as to the validity of Meditation as a techniques for health improvement, thankfully that is now changing. With the up surge of meditation schools, groups and centres around the world people have a huge opportunity to improve their wellbeing on many different levels.

Once you learn how to meditate to can start to do deeper and more varied things with your meditation, what I am going to talk about here is the Spiritual Healing aspect that you can move into. Taking certain psychological viewpoints stress can be shown as the major reason for the majority of physiological as well as psychological dis-eases, so the way to work it out of your system should you become challenged by any such thing is to eliminate the stress at root cause. By eliminating the root cause and dealing with the issues that created the dis-ease in the first place, you are able to clear your mind and then body of the issues faced. This view is contrary to the traditional allopathic medicine view, I have however found that it works well for me and various people I have worked with.

Healing yourself on a Spiritual level allows your body to work in a natural way and utilise its own powerful healing mechanisms, and believe me I do find the capacity of the human body for healing quite miraculous. Going about bringing these mechanisms online in your body is the crux here. To start with you need to be able to clear your mind and take yourself into a deep level of meditation, again using the meditation space you set up is incredibly valuable here. The more you are able to direct your focus onto healing and your depth of trance the better, rid yourself of all distractions and external stimuli.

Once you have taken yourself into a deep meditation you then focus on the area that requires healing, soothe the area with your mind giving it reassurance that you desire to bring it back to wellbeing. Then pay attention to the various things that come into your mind about the injury or dis-ease, some of the things may seem rather random or unconnected, however just pay attention to them and deal with them. It may well be that instances of emotional distress come to your attention when working on an area that is unwell, if so put yourself at cause for the event and work out your purpose for creating it, then collect all the learnings you need from it with gratitude. Having done so you will be able to work on the healing more effectively.

Whilst taking yourself through this kind of Spiritual Healing I would recommend using an incense formulated to promote healing, there are several that come from Tibet and the Himalayas which are formulated for just such a purpose and they have greatly assisted me in work I have done, both on myself and other people.

Largely just be kind to yourself, when your body is stressed or in distress it needs soothing and calming, be kind to it and you will be rewarded. The more you meditate the easier this becomes, and having learned how to meditate for Spiritual Healing, with practice you should be able to look after yourself much better. I do still recommend seeking medical attention for trauma, serious injury and when confronted with any form of disease. Using Spiritual Healing at the same time should improve your rate of recovery though. Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste!


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Willya Waldburger May 11, 2010 at 3:02 pm

Hello Namaste,

I used to go to meditation classes years ago. Unfortunately, my practice has lapsed completely, I am trying to do it on my own, but I realise that it is not really working.

I would love to know if there are meditation classes in Sydney, which I could attend.

Thanking you for your time.
Kindest regards

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