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by Master Meditation on February 22, 2010

Learn How to Meditate and Master Meditation Techniques that Manifest true joy in your life

Learn How to Meditate and Master Meditation Techniques that Manifest true joy in your life

This last week I have enjoyed more time to head into meditation than I had been able to achieve for some time, interesting when you then consider that a whole load of stuff that I had been working on through various aspects of my life suddenly started to yield fruit after more time in meditation. Are these events linked is a question that could well be asked and in my mind the answer is definitely yes.

Having previously worked with various elements like the law of attraction I have noticed that the more I meditate on something, the more likely it is to manifest, and having meditated for a great length on several things I have been amazed with what is possible. Sure there are people out there who will be sceptical about this, though it can be backed up by sound psychological principals and many years of proof, you get what you focus on.

When you take something into a meditation with you, or use it as the subject of a meditation then you take that thing deeper into your unconscious where you can work to achieve it on a different level and unlock additional resources that will aid you to accomplish what you seek. To what extent does this work, give it a go and find out, though I would suggest you start with some simple things and build up to other life altering stuff. Yes you do still need to take a certain amount of action, however you will notice new and different opportunities being presented for you to work with that facilitate your achievement.

This may be considered new age by many, the roots however go back thousands of years, with contemplation and meditation on what a person wished to achieve forming a backbone of many practices of study and advancement. Still to an extent it goes on now, how many people have found themselves going into a trance whilst working on a solution or a project, only to then have a starting point to if not a full solution when they come out of the trance?

By taking the thing you wish to accomplish into a deep state of meditation you take it to parts of your mind that are able to unlock additional resources that make achievement easier, looking at a quantum level the energy you take into the meditation then interacts with the rest of the universe sending out ripples of energy like messengers, these get picked up in relevant places and return bearing the fruit of opportunity. You do need to be attuned and take note of what is coming back to you though, it may make things easier, though without a huge amount of practice it is unlikely to do it all for you.

So once you have learned how to meditate you can then begin to focus on a specific thing you wish to achieve or see happen in your life, as a point of note make sure it is something that is beneficial to everyone, when the universe is in balance things happen a lot more easily. In terms of how to meditate on something like this a place to start would be visualising yourself enjoying the end result, you could do this as a still picture or a movie, through your own eyes ideally, and allow yourself to feel and hear the various sounds and feelings.

With practice you would surprised what can be achieved, get yourself into the right meditation space, with the right incense, music and other things you may need whether you be in the UK, US or elsewhere and see what happens. If you have any questions please do contact me. Wherever you are I wish you beautiful meditations, Namaste!


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