Master Meditation Techniques Ha Breathing

by Master Meditation on February 8, 2010

Master Meditation Techniques: Ha Breathing

Master Meditation Techniques: Ha Breathing

Many people talk about what meditation techniques and styles people use and which types of meditation techniques people should concentrate on. One of the simplest and one that few people ever really spend much time on is breathing, there are of course many meditation techniques that focus on breathing and different ways of doing things. However I am going to focus on one breathing technique for meditation, a technique that comes from the Hawaiian Spiritual system of Huna and below are the details of how to meditate using this technique know as Ha breathing.

Ha breathing is named very simply for the sound that you make when exhaling using the technique, that of ‘Ha’. In simple form what you do is breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth making the ‘Ha’ sound when you do, to do this properly your out breath should be twice as long as your in breath and you should be sitting with your spine straight.

If you are just learning how to meditate keep it simple and start just doing a few, say four, breaths and then increasing the duration as you are comfortable. When Hawaiian Kahunas were getting ready to do healing work and other parts of their role within society they would ‘Ha’ breathe for many hours in order to build up energy, something which I can vouch for having done Ha breathing myself over extended periods. The esoteric background for this is that it builds up air energy which can be stored or directed around the body. Also it is something which I have used for pain relief following an operation before and had excellent results with that too.

So as usual settle yourself well in your meditation space in a comfortable seated position for this, if you would like incense or music feel free to use them. Then for the count of four breathe in through your nose, then out through your mouth for the count of eight. As you do so hold your focus either on your solar plexus if you wish to store the energy or a part of your body which is in pain and focus the energy on healing the area. You may well find your eyes and head begin to feel light and airy, which is relatively common when using this breathing technique, once you are more practiced in how to meditate and control your body this lightness can be channelled more effectively to lift you higher.

The longer you perform this meditation technique the more your mind will relax, and the deeper into meditation you will go. Performing it for extended periods of time can take you into a profound state of bliss where all stress and concerns can disappear, plus from personal experience pain can disappear too.

Like with all meditation techniques the more you practice this, the better as doing so will aid you to master meditation thus your mind and body. Certainly doing it for a few minutes a day will yield a beneficial effect and if you can sustain an hour or more each day as part of your meditation then you can move yourself towards being able to master meditation a lot faster than normal. If you have any questions please comment or click here to contact me. As always enjoy beautiful meditations, Namaste.


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