Japan Earthquake Meditation

by Master Meditation on March 12, 2011

Japan earthquake meditation, please join us in sending calming positive energies

Japan earthquake meditation, please join us in sending calming positive energies

Thoughts and feelings of compassion going out to everyone affected by the Japan Earthquake. The news is truly shocking. A country so deeply steeped in beauty and a wonderful spiritual culture has been slammed today by such a great tragedy. Sendai being hit by a magnitude 7.9 earthquake and then a tsunami too, and to think the full 8.9 earthquake hit 130km offshore. I truly wish strength to everyone in the North of Japan who has been affected, all the families hit by this truly sad event, I can feel the sadness and shock that has hit Northern Japan. Hopefully recovery will be quick and people will be able to move ahead with their lives quickly, though my thoughts are also with heaven knows how many souls that have suddenly and unexpectedly left the planet today.

I will be conducting a series of special Meditations this weekend, focusing on sending positive energy for support and recovery to all those affected.

The first meditation will be at 22:30 GMT Friday 10th 2011.
Followed by another meditation at 11:00 GMT Saturday 11th 2011.
With a further meditation at 10:00 GMT Sunday 12th 2011.
On going meditations will be at 22:30 GMT on a daily basis due to the huge devastation and problems with radiation and Fukushima nuclear power plant.

If you would like to start with 5 minutes of Ha breathing first to build energy then that would be great, then close your eyes and focus on sending healing and calm to all those affected.

For those that wish to join me at these times your energy will be greatly appreciated, so please do join me in focusing positive energy and support for all those affected by the Japan earthquake. All the energy will help to make a difference in various ways, the more people we can get the better, even if you can only join for a few minutes and whatever your level of experience with meditating.

Many people have had their lives torn apart by this earthquake and Japan is reeling from it in many ways. By focusing our energies in this way we can help bring an air of calm to the area that will aid its recovery. It has been noted many times how this kind of energy focused through meditating can affect an area, please join me in doing this.



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