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Tips to help you select the right Meditation Master, Meditation Guru or Mediation Teacher for You

Tips to help you select the right Meditation Master, Meditation Guru or Mediation Teacher for You

Meditation master, meditation guru, meditation teacher call them what you will, basically they are the person from whom each of us gain our knowledge and understanding of how to meditate and then expand further. Gone though are the days where you would only be able to find the much fabled spiritual master sitting in a lotus pose somewhere atop a mountain or far out into the wilderness. These days of mass interconnection and high population density have seen spiritual masters appear amongst the general populace in order to aid mankind with the spiritual shift we are so much in need of making. Your meditation guru could be next door, or in an apartment above or below you. Likely you have a meditation teacher in your neighbourhood, or one that visits and runs classes very close to your neighbourhood. Plus with the expansion of mass communications and the internet you can now seek out and gain learnings from a spiritual master online. Times have changed, you now have greater access to the knowledge and information you seek.

So what should you be bearing in mind? Well when you are going to work with a master or a guru you need to be able to relate to them well. As with any teacher, you need to be able to identify and draw inspiration from your master. Your meditation master should be someone with whom you can feel yourself naturally being elevated to a higher level, someone with whom your spirit can soar high through the ether.

On top of this they need to be able to communicate with you on your level, then transition that communication as your understanding and comprehension shifts and changes. Because as you work with a meditation master your mindset is going to change, your ideas and vision of the world expand and take more in. Once you open your mind up with a master you will find that you experience the world in wonderful new ways, suddenly what seemed smaller things before take on a new beauty and wonder as you start to appreciate their glory.

With the learning you draw from your teacher aiding you into deeper and more peaceful states you begin to be able to draw on new resources. Again this is something you should bear in mind, the things you wish to work towards and achieve as a result of your meditation. If you feel that the values you have and the things you seek are out of alignment with a particular meditation guru then take time to locate the right one for you. Each of us have the relevant people needed for our development laid out before us, sometimes though they require a little finding. However when your values and objectives are in alignment with your meditation master then things flow more freely to you. So take time to communicate with a meditation guru before you begin working with them, if you wish to expand your soul and love of the world or spiritual healing find out how they do so, if you wish to work on manifesting your dreams talk with them about that, whatever your objective check how it fits with the meditation master you wish to work with.

Also find out about how they teach, is their concept going to work for you? Do they operate one to one or run groups? How much of the development work is talking and how much learning how to meditate? If they operate from a space in a set location is it one that will work for you, will you feel comfortable there? Are there any additional requirements they have, would your diet need to change or any of your personal habits? There is much to consider, and if you really wish to achieve good results with your meditative practice then you must have a good fit with your meditation master. Also there are other programmes of spiritual and esoteric studies which you may benefit from, these should be evaluated alongside potential gurus.

Generally working with a guru or a teacher should be a pleasant experience, one which you should look forward to and cherish.  If it is something other than this then you could potentially have an issue with learning how to meditate in an effective manner. The guru or teacher is there to make your experience easier and more enjoyable, leading to the profound changes that likely you are seeking in your life, whatever for they may be in. By selecting a guru you can work with effectively and enjoyable you actually fast track your own ability to succeed on the path you have decided to walk. This can be backed up in many ways and working with a guided meditation on CD or mp3 between sessions with your guru or master should help you along that path.

If at times it feels as though the going is slow then just be patient, if however you feel you have ceased to progress then it may be time to find a new guru. Sometimes it is the case that people outgrow their masters and need to find another guru who can take them to the next level, it is just a fact of life and self development. If this does happen then accept it with gratitude for what has come to pass and follow it through with grace and kindness, if your guru has deep understanding of the universe and life then they will be happy for you. As your mind power shifts and changes moving into new realms you will notice changes in your life, as part of that you may outgrow some people, others more akin to your new state will come along and make themselves apparent though

I hope this aids you by giving you good points for thought when seeking a meditation master to work with, and if you are choosing to teach yourself as a lone practitioner then good fortune to you also. Whatever you choose ensure you have a good space to practice from at home or wherever else you are going to practice, Namaste.

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Avinash June 6, 2010 at 3:35 am

I am Avinash Rawal from India I have done some Reiki Courses and have taken some Kundalini classes and do mediation everyday. But I am feeling blockage in my body and they are not curing. I have taken many times healing session from other healers but my blockage still there. Please guide me how can I remove my blockage or who can help me to remove them. Please cure me and help me.

My email address is:

Hope you reply me soon

Master Meditation June 28, 2010 at 5:12 pm

Hi Avinash,

My apologies for the delay in replying. It would be good to know more about the blockages you are experiencing, locations, how long you have had them, and other factors that you may feel to be important. I will send you an email, when you reply please let me know a little of your personal history and current situation as this will aid me in understanding the blockages you are experiencing.

Also please note that you are the person that will cure yourself, my assistance and the healing I will aid you with shall help you, though full cure can only be achieved from within. I am happy to help you do this.



eduardo August 22, 2010 at 3:24 pm

my question is if you meditate for about 9 hours a day everyday what results would you have

Master Meditation August 23, 2010 at 10:55 am

Fairly amazing ones! 🙂

eduardo August 23, 2010 at 3:54 pm

be more pacific go into detail please would i be able to read minds move things see dead spirits what

Master Meditation August 30, 2010 at 3:46 pm

In terms of the specifics it always depends on the practitioner. What you focus on is where you will achieve the bulk of your results usually.

Certainly an increased empathy with other people is commonly achieved, often to the point where you can know what a person you are with is thinking. The ethics around this are very strong though and it should only ever be used for the positive and greater benefit of each person concerned. Also with a stronger connection to the spirit world it is possible to develop mediumship abilities, again the level is up to the practitioner and working with experienced people to develop this is the best way forward.

As for other things, well anything is possible and many people achieve vastly different results on a variety of things. Always though these things are only ever to be used to the positive benefit of everyone.

I hope this helps 🙂

seebreeze September 7, 2010 at 11:29 pm

I have been meditating now for over a year and a half for approx 90 mins per day. Vedic mantras. I dont experience anything during meditation at all. I try to concentrate and think of a nice image to focus on. I do hear church bells in my ears regularly, but am a bit despondent that nothing ” happens” during meditation. I also attend weekly meditation group…and they all experience vibrations, colours and all sorts of wonderful things. I am very much committed to this path…but wonder why I dont experience anything.

Master Meditation September 10, 2010 at 11:25 am


It may be that you are concentrating too hard and focusing too much on the image you want. Whilst also being concerned that everyone else seems to be getting something different to you. Relax.

Meditation should flow naturally and be a joy, though it sounds like you are taking it as more of a duty to be performed. If you are happy doing 90 minutes then keep doing that length of time, otherwise change it for what you are comfortable with and wish to do. The time length is less important than what you do during the time you are in meditation.

Another thing of note here is that people do experience different things during meditation. Some have different sights and colours, feelings, words or even sounds. If you are getting sounds appearing to you then see where they take you, perhaps they are the way you access information and new experience.

Your meditation space may also need some attention. Do you use the same place regularly? How often do you clean it? Both physically and energetically that is. Sometimes negative energy can seap in and alter the way an area feels, thus changing the results from being there.

Take some time to look at your practice and how you really feel about it, if you wish to make any changes then do so. All that matters is what works for you, if what you have done feels out of place and you wish to do something different then do so, it is your meditation and you that is seek the result. So do what is right for you! 🙂

If you have any further questions please do ask!


Seabreeze September 11, 2010 at 5:40 am

Thankyou kindly for your advice and thoughts. Will take it all on board, and hopefully I will see some progress.


Master Meditation September 13, 2010 at 2:44 pm

A pleasure! Please let me know how you get on.
Namaste 🙂

Satti October 28, 2010 at 12:16 am

I sit for meditation just before I go to bed for about 20 mins. I start relaxing my body, and I feel my body converting into a jelly like substance, weightless, to be more specific I feel like I don’t have my limbs at all, though I am not sure if this is a +ve effect of meditation, I would be more concerned to know about how to make sure after the 20 -30 mins or what ever duration we sit for meditation, I had been meditating ? Just sitting in a particular posture for a certain duration without thinking anything, does that mean I am meditating ? If yes how does that heal diseases?

By this time you might have understood that I dotn have any Master/Guru, yes you are absolutely correct, I have been experimenting on myself. Please guide me where ever applicable.

Master Meditation November 29, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Hi There,

Well from what you have said you have been meditating! Many people practice for a long period of time in order to have a totally clear mind, something you have been doing naturally. Of course you can focus on certain things if you wish, though going blank and thought free is excellent for stress relief.

As for how this helps with healing. Well, most illnesses link to stress in some way, so through removing stress and allowing it to fall away you give your body back to a better state for healing. Stress is basically toxic for the body and the longer people hold on to it the worse the effects are. By cleansing stress from your body you also improve your longevity and youthfulness which is great.

As for further guidance, let me know what you want to work on or achieve through meditation and I will be very happy to guide you.



Satti November 29, 2010 at 8:24 pm

Hi Stephen,
Thanks a lot for your reply. Also thanks a lot for letting me know about what I was experiencing is Meditation.
My Goal to start doing meditation is to get remote viewing. For instance I sitting in India, if meditated in certian posture or particular chakra, can make myself appear infront of you and can have conversation with you. I have read this kind of things happenign practically in few areas of Kolkatta (India) where people are well known for being good users of their grey matter and meditation.

Also could you please help me out in getting myself cured ( I shall of course teach others too), for example if I need to cure my intestinal problem, how do I concentrate on that particular part, to make sure the energy flow happens there ? is there any special posture for each organ ?

My final doubt, rather strong belief is that sleep is also a meditation, but Meditation is a stronger dose of that. I’m not sure if this is correct, but I strongly beleive in this because our body heals when we take proper rest and good sleep.

Thanks and Namaste,

Seabreeze November 30, 2010 at 3:35 am

Hi Stephen,

having practiced meditation for over 18 months, I am disappointed that I never moved on to a higher level or experienced anything !! I reckon that I may be wasting my time. I have visited India twice during this period, and in October 09 I received healing while I was there. I am unsure as to why I dont experience anything. I am very interested in spirituality, and spiritual healing etc, but maybe it is not for me. I have photos on my altar of saints, both living and past saints ( Indian). Prince of Peace (Mahavira). Mahavatar Babaji, and Sri Sai Baba of Shirdi. Is there any technique I can use to have a conversation with such saints to help and guide me on my spiritual path ??

Thankyou and Namaste


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