Wealth Creation Meditation

wealth creation guided meditation Wealth Creation Guided Meditation: Create Prosperity, Wealth, Abundance and Freedom in Your Life

Wealth Creation Meditation is about changing your perceptions of money and wealth.


  • You are struggling to make ends meet
  • You find more month left at the end of the money
  • You job is leaving you Just Over Broke
  • You want so much more from life but never seem to get it
  • You crave a freer easier life than you have had so far

Then working with the Wealth Creation Meditation will massively help you to get where you want and deserve to be.

First off, whilst you have negative perceptions money will flow away from you. Income will be reduced in terms of what it could be, and expenditure will account for the majority of your income. In some cases expenditure will exceed income, getting very unpleasant.

guided meditationAll of this is due to your unconscious perceptions about money and your capacity for holding energy. Money is energy. If as a person you are tired and have difficulty getting through the day due to lack of energy then likely your capacity for hold energy is low.

So you need to do something to alter your capacity for energy. Plus repair the deep inner issues that are withholding you from living a free life. A life where you need never work long days for long pay again. A life where choices over what you can eat and enjoy cease to be guided by coupons and specials.

Living a life of freedom is what is actually natural for humans. It also allows people to lead a more spiritual existence because the problems that cause distraction and discomfort are absent. A life of prosperity, wealth, abundance and freedom allows you to get closer to the essence of living. To experience love and happiness more fully. To be free to experience the things you seek in life.

Through performing a wealth creation meditation on a regular basis you can shift your focus. You can direct your mind to bring in the lifestyle that you seek. By doing wealth creation meditation you heal the issues that you had inside. Then you build on and reinforce the things that can yield the life you seek. The wealth creation guided meditation that I have created helps you to do that.

Doing wealth creation meditation sets a chain of events rolling that if you follow through enables you to completely transform the way that you live. It enables you to be free.

The big question you should consider before you begin though is very important. Very important. Because the results of doing wealth creation meditation are life changing, in very many ways. The wealth creation guided meditation that I have developed may only require the very modest investment of $12.97, you should still think about your answer to the question though.

So before doing anything you should ask yourself this question

Are you ready to leave your old life behind, to be disciplined, and create a life filled with prosperity, wealth, abundance and freedom?

So what is your answer?

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Or…No I am happy with things the way they are now thank you.

If your answer was no, then work out why. For some people it is through fear of what will happen if they become wealthy. For others the thought that money is bad, money is just energy though, it does what you do with it, so it is how you use it that defines whether it is good or bad. You use it to buy food, to live, to get presents and make others and yourself happy. So it must be good in many ways. Maybe you think money is not spiritual, well being able to pay the bills and live comfortably allows you to get much closer to spirit as there are less distractions and stresses when the bills are all paid easily.

So if any of those thoughts struck you, or were in line with other thoughts holding you back, think again. If your answer has changed then good for you, living a life of freedom can be very enjoyable.

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you.

Whatever your decision I wish you an enjoyable journey.


Stephen Frost

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joann August 29, 2011 at 2:16 pm

please send me your contact PHONE SO I CAN MAKE A ODER

Master Meditation August 30, 2011 at 2:10 pm

What would you like to order? Everything is available via the links on the site. If you are having any issues please do email me though.



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