Om Meditation

guided meditation Om meditation can benefit you in many ways and a guided Om meditation makes it easier for you to do.

Om Meditation is a wonderful thing that you can do to create serene feelings of bliss and relaxation. If you are getting problems within your life, it can aid you with flying clear of them.

How long is it since you last felt truly amazing and uplifted?

When you use the Om meditation mp3 it raises your spirit up high. Shifting you through layers of consciousness into purer layers of spirituality. As you raise yourself up spiritually in this way you also elevate your physical, emotional and mental bodies. Allowing yourself to cleanse their energies by moving into higher vibrations. Imagine now, just feeling amazing again.

om meditation Om meditation, a way for you to feel amazing!

Om meditation has been uplifting people for thousands of years. Om is the universal sound of spirit, and by making the sound you shift yourself closer to spirit, and with every chant you raise your energy and vibration, ascending upwards through layers of consciousness.

During the years that I have been teaching meditation many people have benefited from Om meditation.

You can benefit now easily too.

guided meditationAs you change your vibrational level then your energy level changes too. So a really good way to alter the amount of energy you can retain and work with is to do this meditation on a regular basis. Also when you do it for longer periods of time, sustaining each individual chant for longer, you can access deeper and more wonderful feelings of joy.

The guided Om meditation mp3 here is a great way to begin. While the full recording is 39 minutes, you can feel free to do less if you wish. Then as you practice more and become more comfortable with it you can expand out. Also, if you wish to, you can just listen and relax deeply with the chanting. Your best results come when you are chanting as well, you will feel amazing.

Some of the benefits for you from doing this guided meditation include:

  • You achieve a greater sense of calm and peace
  • You gain a greater level of stress relief and deeper relaxation
  • It helps you with panic attacks and Asthma
  • Your mental and emotional clarity improve
  • You feel better about yourself and your life
  • Your self esteem, self confidence and self worth increase
  • You can enjoy life more

The reason it helps you with panic attacks and Asthma, is in part due to the controlled breathing and relaxation brought by the chanting. A natural way for you to feel good and have better control of your breathing!

Your mental and emotional clarity improve because of the improved state of mind. As such, things that may have seemed difficult to you before become easier and simpler. Your renewed sense of calmness greatly aids you with this.

Also your self esteem and self worth benefit too. With regular practice you gain an increased sense of self worth and self love due to the acceptance of the self. Just imagine, how amazing you will feel from loving and accepting yourself fully!

When you practice on a regular basis this spirals upwards. Leading you to have a strong sense of person identity and self love, in turn leading you to enjoy life fully. So you feel happier and more fulfilled on a daily basis.

Plus the spiritual benefits to you are of course huge. Om meditation is one of the best things you can do to get closer to spirit. Moving you higher above the earthly plane and into the realms that higher beings and consciousnesses inhabit. Moving within those realms enables you to access greater wisdom and experience.

You will feel at ease within the universe, and have a wonderful sense of fulfilment with the life that you lead.

It can also lead to profound changes within your life.

You will definitely smile more!

As you move higher spiritually, getting closer to spirit it is possible to go through a shift in your values and beliefs. So prior to beginning any Om meditation practice you should think carefully and ask yourself if you are ready to enjoy feeling this amazing.

While this guided meditation is only $12.97, it can still create big changes. Much cheaper for you than a one on one or group meditation, and you can do it over and over again.

Get the Om Chanting mp3

If you are not ready, then ask yourself what is holding you back. There may be an element of fear about the changes and what will come.

From experience though I can tell you that the benefits I have experienced and all those that I have worked with have enjoyed are amazing. So if you want to experience a truly amazing shift in your life then release your fear, something Om meditation can also help you with, and move forward into the more joyful fulfilling life that you deserve!

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you.

Wherever you are, and whatever your reasons for meditating, I wish you serene meditations.



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SUSIE February 20, 2012 at 4:15 am



Master Meditation February 23, 2012 at 9:23 pm


The price at present is $7.97 currently as stated above, and the length is 39 minutes.
It has huge benefits across many areas, and has massively impacted the lives of everyone I know that has ever worked with it.

Any more questions please let me know.



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