Heart Chakra Meditation

Guided Meditation Heart chakra meditation helps you to feel more love, joy and connection with the universe.

Heart chakra meditation is a great thing to do to strengthen your heart emotionally and spiritually.


  • You feel down and unloved
  • You feel unlovable
  • You feel badly treated by the people around you
  • You feel disconnected from the universe
  • You have been struggling to get the fulfilling wholesome relationship that you want
Then working with the Heart Chakra Meditation will massively change your life.

guided meditationImagine feeling on top of the world, filled with love and with love flowing around you.

That is how everyone I have ever taught has felt from this meditation. That is how you will feel when you do this heart chakra meditation.

When your heart is working in optimum condition life flows far more smoothly. Having a properly functioning heart chakra helps you to share love with the world more effectively and also experience love to a greater extent too.

Love is all around you, it permeates everything within the universe to a greater or lesser degree. You just need to tune in properly to feel it.

It radiates out around you constantly, though sometimes it is easier for you to perceive than others due to various factors.

When you practice heart chakra meditation on a regular basis you become more in tune with that energy. You can sense it more fully and also pass out the love you have for the universe and everything within it more effectively too.

Also heart chakra meditation helps you by getting your heart chakra back in balance. When it is out of balance, as with everything, your world can seem troubled and difficult. With issues arising that affect how you interact with others and yourselves. Causing you to stumble and falter through even the simplest of things. Relationships that should feel good to enjoy can hit issues, or even throw up small things that lead to feelings of upset and sadness. Feelings that should never have arisen if you had been looking after yourself properly.

You can look after yourself properly, and easily too when you do heart chakra meditation!

Doing a heart chakra meditation on a regular basis is a really good way to look after yourself properly. By taking care of your heart and your emotional stability you strengthen your life holistically. When you are feeling good and strong emotionally then mentally, spiritually and physically you also become stronger. Strong in the sense that you can hold yourself up easily, taking care of and feeling good about yourself in a more relaxed way.

As you move through life on a daily basis things happen. Things that affect your happiness and wellbeing. They may life you up, or you may feel let down by others. With the things that create negative feelings you can be exposed to situations and circumstances which cause damage that needs to be repaired. Chakras can develop holes, start spinning in the wrong direction, weaken or one of many other things. When you feel healed and whole you feel amazing again.

Heart chakra meditation helps you to repair and rebuild from these things.

Enabling you to enjoy life properly and on a more fulfilling level.

The heart chakra meditation that I created for you has been specifically developed for these things. To aid you in enjoying your life more fully and to a greater degree.

With regular practice:

  • You feel deeper love for yourself
  • You feel deeper love for others
  • You are able to attract a deeper level of love from others
  • Your romantic appeal is stronger
  • You will feel stronger within yourself
  • You will be more able to cope with and flex around the various situations that can come up.

Just take a moment and imagine. Imagine yourself enjoying these things, and enjoying your life with them in abundance.

When you have a greater degree of flexibility you can adapt and move around unpleasant issues. You take learnings easily and are happier as a result.

These kinds of guided meditations always create positive changes within your life. So it is always wise to ask yourself prior to committing to do any such guided meditation whether you are ready for what will happen as a result. Yes compared to a meditation class it is only a small amount money wise, and by investing it in yourself, in this guided meditation, you can create great change in your life.

So ask yourself whether you really are ready to start creating change and as a result enjoy a more fulfilling life.

What is your answer?

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Or, no I will stay as I am thanks.

If you have said no, fair enough, I am glad you are enjoying your life! Though if your life is not enjoyable then why would you hold yourself back from enjoying a good, happy and healthy life?

Living your life happily is a wonderful thing, and a divine right of every life-form in the universe. So if you can acknowledge that feeling good and happy is right for others, why would you ever hold yourself back from feeling it yourself. It is your right. So if you said no, pause for a moment.

Think, feel, know that feeling good and having a healthy heart chakra is a good thing for you.

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you.

Wherever you are and whatever you wish for your life, I wish you every success and serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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