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Free meditation available to everyone. My name is Stephen Frost and this is a simple relaxation meditation, that I created to help you unwind and enjoy some good stress relief. Working with the breathing this takes you on a simple journey into relaxation where you can feel more still and peaceful.

It is a simple example of other guided meditations that I have developed that work on deeper levels and specific areas. Though as a free meditation it will aid you to relax and loosen off the events of the day, soothing you into a pleasant state of calmness.

Just click play and enjoy the free meditation video made available to all by SurgingLife.

I trust you will enjoy this free meditation that was specially created to help with relaxation and stress relief. I have performed it for myself and people I have worked with on many occasions, always with good results, so it would be good to get your feedback too in the comments below.

I recommend that you do this free meditation in a quiet place, ideally your meditation space. Where you know you can be free to relax fully. This will yield the best results and allow you to enjoy the deepest relaxation possible. Also you can enjoy the benefits of incense and candles should you choose to, thus getting even more from this guided meditation.

Wherever you are I wish you serene and beautiful meditations.

Meditations and resources to aid you in your journey.

Namaste, Stephen 🙂

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