Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation

chakra meditation Performing chakra meditation is really good for you.

Solar plexus chakra meditation is a wonderful thing to do if you are suffering from low self esteem, low self confidence, low self worth, or having trouble manifesting the life you desire.

guided meditationHow amazing do you feel, are you totally over flowing with self esteem, self confidence, high self worth and the ability to manifest everything you desire easily and effortlessly?

If you are having trouble with any of those issues then likely you have issues with your solar plexus, so doing a solar plexus meditation will really benefit you.

Within the solar plexus chakra meditation that I have developed for you, you perform chakra cleansing, healing and also strengthening. So issues of low self esteem, low self confidence and low self worth can all be worked on quickly and easily. Plus in a very relaxing and calm way.

As you spend more time working with this solar plexus meditation issues around low self esteem, low self confidence and low self worth melt away and disappear. In turn you find yourself becoming happier with who and what you are, becoming confident and at ease within yourself. This cascades on through all aspects of your life that you allow it to, creating a holistic improvement and a strong sense of wellbeing that can carry you forward into a life with more joy.

As you practice this special solar plexus meditation there are a number of interesting key things that happen within your life:

  • Your self esteem improves
  • You become more confident
  • You value yourself more
  • People will begin to take you more seriously 
  • People listen to and note what you say
  • Allowing you to have greater influence on situations around you
  • You enter into situations feeling more in control of yourself and what is happening around you
  • As you feel more in control then the people around you will feel that you are more in control too

So by working in a simple relaxed way internally upon yourself you can create big changes in your world.

Another point of note is that as your self worth increases and your solar plexus chakra becomes stronger, it becomes easier for you to actively manifest your dreams within the physical world. Imagine what it would be like to easily and effortlessly manifest your desires.

A major key to manifesting your desires, and one of the hidden elements within “the secret”, is a strong and healthy solar plexus chakra.

When you do this solar plexus chakra meditation, on a repeated basis ideally, you can build up an amazing resource within yourself. A resource that you can then direct to aid you in accomplishing amazing things, and bringing the things you dream of and desire into the physical plane.

When you feel confident within yourself. Value who you are as a person strongly. Work from a point of purity with what you wish to create in the world. Then your solar plexus will aid you in manifesting it in a most amazing way. You can literally bring the substance of your dreams into the real world, any a huge number of people have done so. One of the things they rarely tell you though is the importance of a healthy and strong solar plexus, something which most people in the world sadly lack.

So now you know a key part to achieving your dreams, how would you like to actually make them happen for real?

You can do amazing things, yes, and change your life. Though as little as this mp3 costs, far less than you would spend on a one one one or group meditation. You should still ask yourself this before spending and committing to the opportunity of a new wonderful life.

Get the Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation For Healing And Opening on mp3 at SurgingLife.Com

Are you actually ready to feel amazing and bring your dreams into reality?

If you are not then the question is why? Do you have fear about what others will think of you? People are largely influenced by how you are as a person, so when you feel good within yourself and are confidently valuing yourself, they will start to do so too.

I look forward to aiding you in your onward journey and achieving the substance of your dreams.

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you.


Stephen Frost

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