Root Chakra Meditation

chakra meditation Performing chakra meditation is really good for you.

Root chakra meditation is great for you for a number of reasons. Your root chakra governs various things to do with your physical connection with the universe, one of the main things here is grounding. Though also vitality, physical wellbeing, fertility (in men) and solidifying your ideas on the physical plane.

When did you last feel grounded, strong and energetic in your life?

guided meditationEveryone who has ever done this meditation has felt amazing and achieved great results from it, and so will you.

Grounding is an incredibly important thing for you to do. At various times you find that the world around us seems to be moving at a pace in excess of what you would wish in a direction that you would rather not travel. Being able to ground yourself at those times is important and doing root chakra meditation can really help you with that.

When you are working with a strong root chakra that you are in deep rapport with then grounding is easy.

It can also help you after doing other journeying and higher meditation work that gets you drifting and flying on higher planes. Being able to ground after that can seat you back on the physical plane and bring with you the ideas and knowledge easily that you have acquired during your travels. Bringing you a greater sense of richness within your physical life from your journeying.

In terms of your vitality there are times when need to dig that little bit deeper in order to find the energy and strength in order to get through a situation, right. By working with root chakra meditation you can heal, build up and strengthen your root chakra so that when you need that extra bit to get you through then you can summon it easily.

When you work this way on a mental level you can then influence things on the physical level. Attaining the vitality you need when you need it. Having the mental strength to apply here means you can achieve what you need to physically.

This is also of assistance when going through treatment for and recovering from illness of any kind. The extra vitality at these times:

  • Provides you a boost to your body’s natural healing ability
  • Increases your speed of recovery
  • Plus the quality of your recovery

When it comes to your physical wellbeing there is a close tie in with your vitality. Both physical wellbeing and vitality affect healing and your body’s regenerative ability. When you work with root chakra meditation you work on both of these things and the body’s natural regenerative function. A strong and correctly functioning root chakra will help you create a strong healing response and increase its endurance.

As such your physical wellbeing can improve due to the improvement in healing response. Something that is useful for you during times of dis-ease, and also when in good health.

When you have a stronger regenerative function in times of good health maintaining good health becomes easier. Your body can replace cells and tissue more efficiently and effectively. In times of ill health root chakra meditation can really help you too, especially guided meditation as you can simply relax and follow the instructions. Though you should still consult a medical practitioner for serious medical issues. This meditation will definitely help you though.

With fertility issues this operates again with your vitality and physical wellbeing. By creating a healing response and regeneration the area can be strengthened and fertility issues improved for you.

Solidifying your ideas in the physical plane is another wonderful place where root chakra meditation can help you.

When your root chakra is strong and functioning properly then it becomes easier to take ideas and transplant them into the physical world. This does relate very closely to your solar plexus function, so doing solar plexus meditation alongside your root chakra meditation can vastly improve your results when creating and doing manifestation work. This again echoes about the interconnection of your chakras and working with them. When they are all working properly and are in balance then amazing things are possible for you. It does take your commitment to get them working in a highly efficient and effective way though.

All of this does come with a question as always. So even though it is cheaper than one on one and group meditations, before you buy it think about this. Are you ready to enjoy the amazing results that having a stronger root chakra will bring to your life? Because it will bring amazing things.

Your life can progress into a very different place when you do this kind of work. So are you ready?

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Or do you need to work out what is holding you back from creating positive change in your life? Often fear of the unknown and how it will affect your relationships with others can hold you back. Though from experience all change is positive in some way, and certainly in the long term for you. If you are concerned on how this will affect your relationships with others, then doing heart chakra meditation will help you to keep positivity around you and attract in more of it in too.

I look forward to aiding you greatly on your journey and in achievement of all the positive things that you seek in life.

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you.


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