Crown chakra meditation

chakra meditation Performing chakra meditation is really good for you.

Crown chakra meditation is great when you are wanting to connect on a deeper level with the universe.

When did you last enjoy the feeling of being deeply connected with the universe and feeling amazing?

guided meditationCrown chakra meditation is all about healing your crown chakra, developing a deeper sense of spirituality that helps you connect to the universe around you. Basically it is about you feeling amazing.

Your crown chakra is your main portal of connection with the universe on a spiritual level. Over time with lack of good exercise, as with all things, and negativity causing damage, it ceases to work as effectively for you. Causing you to have feelings of disconnection with the world around you and in some cases a sense of alienation too.

The path that this can lead you down is an incredibly solitary and lonely one. A solitary path can at times be a good one to walk, though if there is the negativity associated with loneliness attached to that then it becomes a different experience indeed.

The solitary path is one to take when you feel at one with yourself and good about the universe and where you are within it. When feelings of disconnection and loneliness are felt then walking such a path can lead to a stronger sense of disconnection, compounding and deepening the problem. It is at times such as this that performing healing through crown chakra meditation becomes important for you.

When you take time to perform healing and strengthening through crown chakra meditation you can dispel feelings of alienation and loneliness.

This comes through in this way:

  • As you heal yourself you feel more connected because blockages disappear and your crown chakra can function effectively
  • As a result of this you do start to feel, sense and connect with the universe more, creating an upward spiral of reinforcement
  • Leading you to feel a deeper sense of joy and fulfilment with your life
  • You can feel unity
  • You can feel whole
  • You can feel and be who you really are on a soul level

Your feeling of connection and belonging within the universe enables you to feel at one with who you are in this life.

As such even if you choose to stay on your own you can do so free from feelings of loneliness as you are comfortable with where and who you are. There may be a drive within you to move or do something different, though that comes from a point of positivity and a desire to create ideal conditions for yourself.

When you do crown chakra meditation and spiritual exercise, be that practising mindfulness or other such techniques, you can open yourself up to the universe more.

You can become more spiritual.

By opening up your crown chakra when it is whole and healed you can move to a point of deeper rapport with the universe. You can reach out further and wider to connect to the innate intelligence that surrounds you. In doing so you are able to take on that deeper knowledge and wisdom, incorporating it at a core level, and in a manner that enables you to expand who you are. Spiritually and in other ways. From there you can work with a broader set of resources that can aid you in achieving the things that you need to do in this lifetime in and easier and more fulfilling way.

Put simply when you work with crown chakra meditation you can create simplification within your life.

As you move closer to spirit, through being and also acquisition and incorporation of knowledge. You can shift to a plane where things can happen more effortlessly and with greater joy associated. The sense of fulfilment that exists when working in this way is huge.

You can shift from who you were to who you were always meant to be. This kind of realignment within the self allows you to let go of all the baggage and negativity that you have carried through life. Moving into a streamlined sense of freedom and oneness brought about by being and feeling who you really are.

It does mean that things within your life become more positive and fulfilling, sure. Though before going ahead and doing this work ask yourself if you are truly ready for the path that lays open to you. Because you will create positive change. So even though it is cheaper than a group meditation class before you commit to it, think about it.

So are you ready to feel more fulfilled and as deeply connected to the universe as you wish to be?

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If not then figure out why. You might have a sense of what it means in terms of existing connections. Granted these will likely change in some way, though in the long term change is always for the positive for you with this type of work. It could be your thoughts about what is truly meant for this life and their place within the universe. In which case the knowledge that we all agreed on some level about what you were going to do in this life before you came into it should serve as reassurance.

Basically everything that comes to you from this type of work is positive in various ways.

I look forward to aiding you further on your journey and fulfilling who you are, your purpose and attaining closer connection to spirit and the universe.

If you wish to learn more please check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections too, as there are many things within them that have been created to help you.


Stephen Frost

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