Chakra meditation

chakra meditation Chakra meditation is great for you in a huge number of ways.

Chakra meditation is a great thing to do when you are wishing to strengthen particular aspects of your life. Each chakra has its own meaning, and meditating on each one will produce different results. Chakra meditation is and excellent thing to do whether you are experiencing problems with certain things, or are wishing to enhance certain characteristics and move yourself further forward.

guided meditationPerforming chakra meditation allows you to change and strengthen things on a core level via working with the chakra that governs that aspect of your life. As you work with each chakra you will begin to notice changes in your life. Initially they may be incredibly subtle. Though over time they build up into things that can make a really discernible difference. Continuing on from that point can lead to ever more wonderful occurrences within your life.

The key to doing chakra meditation is working with the right ones, though if you wish then you can work with all of the main seven chakras from the start. So you can either decide which chakras need working on, or just jump in and decide to work on all of them. Any work you do on your chakras can lead to massive positive benefit within your life. So the more work you do on them the better, and by working on all of them then you create a greater balance that leads to a smoother flow within your life. Once one chakra is out of balance it affects the others, leading to a situation where each of them can become affected adversely. So in working with all of them in turn you create a strength through which they can support each other and create a better flow.

Creating smooth functioning is important as it leads to a more fulfilling and easy going life. Things happen that can throw people off their normal flow and create negative feeling. So working with these meditations on a regular basis helps you to keep everything in check. If you are having issues with particular elements then work around those. If you are working on something important to you then feel free to concentrate on that. Though I do urge working with balance. Balance is what leads to fulfilment. When all areas of your life are working smoothly you will feel so much better for it. Plus things become far more effortless, things happen easily and in some cases will just flow to you without any issue at all.

Here are a list of the chakras and the reasons you should meditate with them:

Crown Chakra Meditation – for getting closer to spirit and linking with the wider universe
Third Eye Chakra Meditation – for developing powers of perception and psychic ability
Throat Chakra Meditation – for developing better powers of communication and understanding
Heart Chakra Meditation – for creating deeper self love and better relationships
Solar Plexus Chakra Meditation– for developing greater confidence, will, self esteem and the ability to manifest you will within the world
Sacral Chakra Meditation – for greater creativity and fertility
Root Chakra Meditation – for grounding yourself, making things physical and increasing vitality

Choose the ones that will be best for you to work with, or work with all the main seven chakras and really boost your life into working in the way you dream it does. Please note that the mp3s and downloads are now all available via the section on Chakra Meditation at SurgingLife.

There are additional resources in the guided meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections.

I wish you serene, beautiful meditations and the realisation of your dreams and the life you seek.


Stephen Frost

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