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meditation retreat

Meditation retreats bring you a huge amount of good.


  • You have been lacking in good feeling
  • You need to really unwind and gain deep relaxation
  • You need a break from everything in your life
  • You are struggling with your meditation practice
  • You want to advance your technique and go deeper
  • You want to get away into a spiritual surrounding and achieve deep bliss

Then coming on a meditation retreat is a great thing for you.

Doing a meditation retreat is something that people have been doing for thousands of years. The value of going on a meditation retreat has been acknowledged as being good for many reasons:

  • Spiritually you move to deeper levels of understanding and being in a shorter period of time than usual.
  • Emotionally you achieve deep levels of relaxation and peace.
  • Mentally you move to high levels of focus and concentration.
  • Physically your muscles and joints relax and move more freely.

What would bring you the greatest benefit?

meditation retreat master meditationImagine spending several days in a beautiful spiritual surrounding that facilitates you achieving that aim. That is what you get on our meditation retreats.

You have the opportunity to work specifically on what you wish to achieve. At the same time you learn and practice techniques that make achieving your aim easy. You learn in depth what is meditation. You learn in depth about meditation. You practice meditation techniques in a relaxed environment that helps you to learn them quickly and fully.

You meditate in a meditation space that is totally supportive of your success.

You can then apply the meditation techniques to the work you are doing on the meditation retreat. So you can perfect those meditation techniques whilst you are on the meditation retreat, and then apply them easily when you get home.

Your meditation retreat is all about you. You form the centre of your universe. You focus completely on yourself and what you wish to achieve for however long you wish to. All with complete support. You do the meditations, we support you with the guidance and meditation techniques that you require. In certain cases we support with additional techniques such as energy healing and yoga should they be required.

Basically we create the experience with you for the change and development that you desire.

Your wishes and dreams are important, to you. It is important to us that you achieve your dreams.

Imagine going into a meditation retreat for a few days in total knowledge of what you wish to achieve.

Now imagine yourself on the final day of the retreat having achieved that amazing result.

You can achieve it.

We will help you.

When you commit to coming on a retreat we build up a support network around you. We place resources around you that aid you to achieve what you seek. We help you to shift the energy around and within you. Shift your energy in a way that has you achieving the result you desire. Has you achieving the breakthrough and success that you seek.

All the while in a place that you can enjoy the deepest most spiritual energy and deep peace that is possible. The locations are carefully chosen. All of them in amazing surroundings. Beautiful nature, amazing temples, serene shrines. We bring everything together so that you can totally connect and reconnect in the way that you wish to. You are the focus and you get the things you need to support you with making the changes and development that you need and wish to make.

guided meditation in spiritual places

You do have changes you wish to make. You have things you want to enhance and develop. We work with you so you can successful do these things easily. There can be challenges in dealing with many things in life. Making changes within yourself and developing has challenges associated. By choosing to come on a meditation retreat with us you give yourself greater support to do things in an easier way. We aid you with the techniques and perspectives that do make things easy for you.

When you truly know what your dream is. When you totally commit to achieving it. Then you can achieve it. Giving yourself time on the retreat and allowing us to work with you gives you leverage to make it easy for you.

meditation retreatThe knowledge that you acquire, the techniques that you practice, the mental and emotional state that you attain. All things that massively empower you to move forward through your life being able to attain the things you set your mind to.

Whilst on the meditation retreat you access deeper levels of peace and calm than were ever possible before. These aid you to attain higher levels of joy and bliss. When you combine deep levels of peace and calm with high levels of joy and bliss you will be amazed with what happens. You shift internally. The doors which once were locked shut, open. The weight that held you back and slowed you down, falls away and you fly free. The opportunities and changes you dreamed of become real and open for your enjoyment.

Learning how to access these levels of peace, calm, joy and bliss is incredibly important. They are life changing, and incredibly beautiful to experience. They are open for you, all you need to do is decide to come and experience them. Experience and learn how to recreate them and greater levels of them whenever you wish to. You attain a level of resources that have the ability to totally transform you life in an amazing way. Resources that you can take with you through life after you have finished the retreat.

When you commit completely to creating and experiencing the things you desire and seek within life you can reach amazing levels of fulfilment. Working together we will aid you in achieving what you seek. You are amazing, unfold your wings and fly like and angel, fly free. You deserve it.

When you are truly happy in life you attain fulfilment. What’s more, the people around you that you wish to be happy will become so naturally. As you become happier your happiness becomes infectious, it spreads from you. The biggest thing that you can do to help those around you therefore is to become truly happy yourself. Give yourself permission to experience and enjoy the life that you want, other people will thank you for it. They may even ask why you had not done it sooner.

Things that will happen:

  • You will learn in depth about meditation and what is meditation
  • You will attain great stress relief
  • You will reach deeper levels of peace and calm than you have before
  • You will experience higher levels of joy and bliss than before
  • You will release the things holding you back
  • You will open the doors that enable you to move forward with who you wish to be
  • You will become able to transform you life in the way you desire
  • You will make transformations in your life that enable you to be truly happy
  • You will do it all in amazingly beautiful spiritual surroundings
  • You will access spiritual energies that are serene and supportive
  • You will have an amazing time

It is all available to you, all you do is decide to do it. Then come, learn, practice, be and achieve. All things that you can and will do easily when you have the support to do so around you, support that you will get from us.

Think of the things you want to change and achieve in you life.

Imagine yourself beginning to make those changes in a serene spiritual environment.

Now imagine how wonderful your life is having made those changes.

See yourself from outside enjoying those changes.

You have the opportunity to achieve all of that open to you now, and we look forward to aiding you in attaining it all.

To register you interest please submit your details via the comment section below.

For additional things to aid you with you meditations at home go to our guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. They can all help you on your journey to achieving the joy you seek in life.

I look forward to aiding you on your journey and wish you serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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