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meditation classes and meditation retreats

Meditation classes and retreats are a fantastic way to improve your ability and feel better.

Meditation classes are really good for you.


  • You only have a day free
  • You are incredibly busy Monday to Friday
  • You want to learn to meditate but find teaching yourself difficult
  • You want to join a group to meditate
  • You want to enjoy the experience of meditation for the first time.

Meditation classes are great if you have a busy schedule and only one day free.

meditation class kyotoYou can easily join one of the classes that we hold in Kyoto, and other spiritual locations. They are held on weekends and public holidays. So they are always easy to join.

You have the ability to enjoy meditation in incredibly spiritual places. Our classes are held in very carefully selected locations. Often they are held in temples that are normally closed to the general public.

So you can experience the most beautiful pristine energies in stunning surroundings.

You have the opportunity to enjoy these energies in a way that you can make the most of them. You learn how to work with energy. You can then work with your own energy more effectively at home, work or wherever as a result.

From the beginning you are taken on a journey that moves you through deep relaxation and the opening of your heart and mind. Your mind and heart become calm and your energy levels raise up.

Imagine yourself feeling truly amazing.

You will.

When you come along to a class your entire being is moved through the journey on all levels. Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually you soar high up with joy.

Within the class:

  • You learn how to meditate
  • You learn how to quieten your mind
  • You learn how breathing affects your being
  • You learn how to control your mind and thoughts
  • You learn how to reach deep levels of relaxation
  • You learn how to evolve into who you really are
  • You practice meditation techniques so that you can do them again easily at home
  • You gain a level of mastery over your mind and your emotions
  • You move to a place within yourself that feels great

Imagine how you will be having put all these things into action.

Imagine how your life is different.

Imagine how amazing you feel now.

You have the opportunity to make that a reality now. By booking your place on the class that suits you you move that step closer. You start to become the person you wish to be.

meditation class kyotoAs you take time in meditation practice, you move along the pathway that takes you to the place of effortless joy that you seek. You move that step closer to achieving what it is that you seek through meditation.

You also attain deep relaxation, clarity of mind and focused concentration. Things that benefit you throughout your life. Things that enable you to make your life richer and more fulfilling. All easily attained within a specially arranged class for you.

As you work through the exercises within the meditation class, you find your mind beginning to work in a new more effective way. You find yourself moving into a state of relaxation that is deeper than you had been able to achieve before.

With every exercise you do, your abilities become deeper and more enhanced. You take a greater level of mastery over yourself and your mind.

You expand your mind power.

With each step you take you feel better within yourself. You attain realisation that you really are progressing and achieving what you desire with meditation. You learn to enjoy meditation easily. You learn how to move into meditation easily.

So you can then meditate easily when you are at home, in the office or wherever. You deepen and improve your practice within the class so that you can meditate easily outside of the class.

Over time this means that you gain far greater enjoyment from your meditation. With repeated classes you are able to reach progressively deeper levels of relaxation, sublime control over your emotions, plus even greater levels of focus and concentration.

Deepening your meditation practice in this way gives you the opportunity for mastery over the things you wish to create and draw to you in your life. You gain a greater power over the ability to manifest your world as you wish it to be. So through your practice within the meditation class you become able to control your life on a deeper level.


  • You learn to meditate easily
  • You learn to meditate effectively
  • You deepen the relaxation you can attain
  • You attain greater focus and concentration
  • You achieve greater mastery over your mind and emotions
  • You do all this in beautiful serene spiritual surroundings

You will be amazed by the difference you experience from taking part in the meditation class.

I look forward to aiding you at your meditation class with your journey.

Working with the resources in the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections will help you prior to attending your meditation class too.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations.


Stephen Frost

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