Meditation Classes and Meditation Retreats

meditation classes and meditation retreats

Meditation classes and retreats are a fantastic way to improve your ability and feel better.


  • You want to practice in a more structured environment
  • You want to deepen your practice
  • You want to improve and advance your techniques
  • You want to feel more relaxed than before, you want personal help and direction

Then a meditation class or meditation retreat will really help you.

meditation classes and meditation retreatsFor thousands of years people have worked in groups and gone on retreats so as to gain deeper ability, release stress, attain deep relaxation and a deeper spiritual connection.

As you practice more you become more able to do all of these things. Practising in a class or on a retreat gives you an opportunity to accelerate that ability. Deepening and advancing your concentration, focus and technique.

Another bonus for you is that the group carries a new effect. The collective energy of the group opens up new places within you that you have never been to before. As you gain rapport with the group you intrinsically gain a shared energy experience.

You access a magnified energy with a group.

Whatever size group you work with you notice the results are different than they are when you practice alone. Even if you are working one to one with a meditation master, you access a different level of energy. Once you have accessed it you can go back to it again easily.

As you work within a group more and more you find that you access deeper and deeper levels more quickly. Your ability to achieve more relaxed states and greater levels of focus comes faster. Something that you can then take back to your solitary practice and work with alone should you wish to.

meditation classes and meditation retreatsWhen you join one of the meditation classes or meditation retreats that we hold in Kyoto and other parts of Japan that is exactly the type of opportunity you access.

You have the opportunity to learn new techniques, how to meditate effectively, how to access deeper energies, along with so much more. You have the opportunity to talk directly to a meditation master and gain the answers you have been seeking to your questions.

Also you do all of this in some of the most spiritual and beautiful settings that you have ever seen in the world. The spiritual energies you can experience in Kyoto and other carefully selected locations are truly divine, hence the reason we go to those locations.

You come and enjoy the experience and energy of amazing places with the classes.

Classes can be arranged on an individual basis by request. Whether you wish for a pure one on one experience, or would like to be with your own group of friends, these things can be accomplished by special arrangement.

Should you wish for a holistic experience that takes in other things then yoga can be added, or other therapies and techniques should you choose to have a private retreat. The healing your seek can be arranged in such a way that the experience you have is just what you need.

Should you wish for transformational change then that can be arranged too.

meditation classes and meditation retreatsThe general meditation classes and meditation retreats cover: quickening your ability to release tension and stress, deepening your ability to relax, improving the ease with which you meditate, increasing your concentration and focus, evolving your ability to control energy within you

Meditation classes and meditation retreats are run for between 1 and 5 days. Again, longer options are available, though these are by special arrangement.

Imagine yourself being totally relaxed and feeling amazing.

That is how you are when you enjoy one of our meditation retreats or meditation classes. You feel the way you should do, amazing. You feel better than you ever have done before. We work with you so that you feel wonderful.

Imagine yourself feeling that amazing on a regular basis.

You can.

You will be wanting to come back and deepen your experience again and again. When you spend time meditating within our classes and retreats in the temples and shrines around Kyoto and Japan you access the most amazing energies available. We are very fortunate with our ability to access some of the most spiritual sites in the world, places that are often closed to the public.

You can meditate in places that are totally serene and have pristine energy.

So, would you prefer to just do a single day or longer?


Whichever you choose you will be able to enjoy deep relaxation in beautiful surroundings that lift your spirit and have you feeling amazing.

I really look forward to meeting you in person soon and aiding you on your journey in person.


Stephen Frost


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