What is Karma?


What is Karma? Put simply it is a measurement. It is a measure of how good or bad a person or being has been. Yet it goes beyond this simplicity too.

Karma affects people, situations, everything living and changing. It revolves around your universe and everything within it.

Every action you take, word you say, thought that you create, has karma attached to it. They all add up to influence the things that happen to you in your life. As such if you have been good, good things happen, and vice versa.

You know the saying “Santa knows if you have been naughty or nice”. This is basically what it is talking about. Your karmic balance within the universe.

So, your karmic balance is constantly shifting, with every thought, every word and action you create an influence over what happens in your life. Do bad things, bad things will come back to you. Do good things, likewise good things will come to you. The timing for all these things is variable. For some you will feel instant feedback, others may have a delayed action.

If you persistently do bad things they could accumulate and then all go off at once like a time bomb.

The best thing you can do therefore is to treat everything and everyone with respect. It will always come back to you.

The pure meaning of the Sanskrit word karma is action.

So when you look at what is karma, you look at what is the action you have taken within the universe.

What is karma?

  • A measure of your good and bad action
  • A measure of your interaction with the world and universe around you
  • A set of connections to people, things and beings around you
  • A tally of how you have behaved in your life
  • A demonstration of the kind of person you have been

Though you can take heart at this point. You can work with your karma and the karmic connections you create and encounter. You can clean up your karmic balance.

You can restore balance to your life and karma.

You can create a positive karmic sum.

You can work with it and bring a good influence to your life and the things that happen. By aiding people, bringing good feeling, even by showing forgiveness and releasing ill feeling and grudges you can influence your karmic balance.

For more on working with your karmic balance and improving positivity in your life check out the guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources sections. They have been created to help you in your journey through life. The meditation forum is also there to help you.

Wherever you are I wish you serene meditations and a happy fulfilling life.


Stephen Frost

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