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Om Meditation

Om is a master symbol, chanting the Om mantra does amazing things for you.

Meditation with mantra and chanting has been practised for thousands of years.


  • You want to bring in new energy
  • You want some extra help in shifting your focus
  • You want to block out thought in a simple way

Then chanting and mantra meditation can really help you.

For thousands of years people have been using chants during meditation. Probably the most famous is Om. During Om meditation you repeatedly chants Om, shifting yourself into a different state of being. Throughout India, Tibet and many other places chanting is widely used by many people. In Hindu culture there are chants for each of the different deities, in Islam chanting is done at each prayer session, within Christianity too. Basically throughout all religions chanting is used.

What is a mantra though? Well a mantra is a statement, word or sound that is repeated to aid concentration while you meditate.

You do chanting because of the way it affects your mind and energy when you do it. When you say something out loud enough times it does change aspects of your feelings and thoughts.

Also chanting is something that gives you a focus whilst you meditate. Whilst at the same time deepening your meditation too. As you say the words over and over you slip into a deeper trance and flow into the space that you wished to go to.

The spaces and places that you go to vary depending on the words or mantras that you are using.

For example when you work with Om your energy raises up and gets projected out into the universe. Om is the universal sound of spirit. Its repeated chanting brings you closer to spirit. Whilst also shifting the way in which you move and process energy.

Just imagine yourself easily slipping into a deep meditative state.

That is what you do when chanting in meditation. A major reason for the different religions using the practice within worship and prayer. By using a chant you can shift your mental state quickly and easily. More than that you shift it in a very directed and focused way.

Every chant you do has a meaning. As said previously when you do an Om meditation you move closer to spirit. If you chant using mantra for Ganesh, Shiva, Buddha or Christ you get a different energy again. Words and names all have meaning, they also have feeling and energy when you really get into them.

Which is exactly what you access when you chant them. As you work through the various incantations, names and phrases you access different realms to the ones you usually work in. Through repetition your mind becomes entranced by the words. Whilst it is entranced it processes. Everyone does this in a slightly different way, though everyone has their mind working on unlocking the meaning within the text and words.

Good chants and mantras for you:

  • Om
  • Ganesh mantra
  • Om mani padme hum

Your mind automatically works on accessing the information it requires. It draws you to the texts, mantra and chants that can do you the most good. On a deep inner level your unconscious mind is aware of what you need. If you allow it to then your intuition can guide you to what you need most at any time. Then as you verbalise them you create stronger and deeper neural pathways. These over time reveal the knowledge that you seek. How quickly you access and comprehend the knowledge depends on you, your motivations, your energy and your level of inspiration.

When you are inspired, motivated and energised then things come to you easily.

That is the state in which you are most effective, and a reason that many people chant. The chanting reminds you of your motivation. Plus it inspires you, raising you up to a higher level of being. Along with raising your energy too.

There are many wonderful benefits for chanting: You focus easily, Your go into a deep trance easily, You relax deeply, Your thoughts shift easily, You remind yourself of your motivation, You gain inspiration.

There is an amazing world that opens to you when you practice meditation. When you begin doing different things within your meditation you can expand and enjoy more of that world. Aiding you in enjoying the wonderful fulfilling life that you truly deserve.

This is the reason that many resources have been added to this site. To aid you in enjoying the most fulfilling life that is possible for you. The guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources have all been put together to help you achieve more with your meditation.

Also the meditation forum is a great place to share experience and wisdom. The meditation forum is open to everyone, whatever your level, however long you have been practising, it is there to help you.

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I look forward to aiding you further on your journey.


Stephen Frost

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