Meditation and Nature

meditation and nature

Meditation and Nature form a powerful combination together.

Meditation and nature are vital things if you want a balanced life.

If you are feeling:

  • Out of balance
  • Fatigued
  • Depressed
  • Disconnected
  • Or any number of other things

It could well be down to a mixture of your environment and your internal energy being out of flow.

Meditation is a great way for you to shift your energy flow internally. When you meditate you can alter the thought processes you work with on a daily basis and actually lift yourself up higher.

Meditation and nature link together in an intricate way. You have a natural connection and flow with everything around you. When you are amongst nature that connection takes on a deeper meaning and element. It becomes a cleansing flow that can provide deep relaxation and a profound sense of wellbeing.

So what does this mean for you? Well bringing meditation and nature together can aid you in getting more from your practice. To can go to a deeper level when you meditate, and you can forge a deeper and stronger connection with the world around you.

You can do this in different ways. You can bring nature into your meditation space, from just having a couple of plants, through to filling your entire room or home with plants. You can also go outside, that may be into your garden if you have one, your local park or way out into the countryside.

You can choose a different level to go to that is right for you. It all depends on what your inclination is, how much time you have and how far you are prepared to go. Maybe you are a long distance from wide open countryside. A distance that requires you to make a day trip or longer, something that can be challenging at times.

Being out among nature is good for you. Enjoying both these things together can massively shift your level of wellbeing. Through meditating you can achieve deep relaxation. Through being among nature you can also achieve deep relaxation. So bringing the two things together can give you an unparalleled way to achieve really deep meditation and healing for yourself.

Just imagine the goodness that you can enjoy from enjoying meditation and nature together.

How good is that?

You probably feel that being out among nature is a good way to help protect and look after our environment too, something I and many others are in agreement with.

Our natural environment requires great care and looking after. By spending more time in it and raising awareness we can protect it better. When you take care of your environment it takes better care of you too. The healing you enjoy from it comes from the amount of energy that it can share with you. This amount of energy that it can share with you is proportional to the area that remains natural.

Put simply if you are in a wide open natural space you can gain a huge amount. Though also it relates to the level of natural wilderness we have on this planet of ours. Something worth protecting.

When you make efforts to actually protect your wider environment, you are making a pact with nature on a deep level.

You are doing something that will pay you back in many ways, each of which provides great benefit to you. Your life is precious as is all life. By taking steps to protect life you engender a deeper rapport with your own life force and a deeper connection to the universe.

You move to a different level of being. You achieve a deeper level of happiness. You are able to gain a deeper level of relaxation. You cleanse your energy. You move to a deeper level of rapport with the universe.

Life is important. When you take time and combine meditation and nature together you can gain a deeper understanding of this. Something that will open your heart and mind to a new and beautiful way of being.

So if you can get out and enjoy meditation and nature together today.

If you are truly committed to nature, living a good life and protecting your planet then do something to protect the natural wilderness that is still left.

Working together through meditation, awareness and also action change is possible, you may think that doing a little makes very little difference. When we all combine together, that little bit that you do, the little bit that everyone does, makes a big difference. So even if you can only do what you think is a small amount, your actions can lead to big changes.

If you wish to work together to protect our natural environment, to bring a greater level of peace and calm to the world through meditating and shift the consciousness of the planet little by little. Then I welcome you to do as much as you feel is right for you to do, and your collective energy that will aid us in shifting the consciousness of the planet.

One such way you can aid our natural environment is to bring it into protected trust. You can aid in collectively holding it in a manner that takes it beyond the risk of harm. You can do something to ensure the safety of as much of it as possible by guaranteeing pieces whenever you can. You can work with people who have chosen to take a mission to diligently care for and protect our natural heritage.

On top of this you will find there are many things here to aid you shift your consciousness and forge ahead with your personal development. For guided meditation, chakra meditation, meditation ebooks and resources please check out the different sections for them. Also check out the meditation forum. The meditation forum is open to all and is a great place to share ideas.

I wish you  beautiful meditating experiences wherever you are.


Stephen Frost

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