Meditation Positions with Purposes

When selecting meditation positions there are various things to take into account, and thought should be taken as to the level of comfort you will have whilst meditating and how long you can maintain the meditation position in comfort. With practice you can maintain them longer, though doing something which detracts from your ability to meditate is unwise. Of course sitting cross legged or if possible in Lotus position is most favourable, though seated, kneeling or even lying positions are permissible if they enable you to meditate more effectively.

 Meditation Positions with Purposes

Focused Meditation

Focused (also known as Gyan Mudra in yoga). Thumb and forefinger connecting and the other fingers outstretched. This hand pose aids focus when used as with your meditation position, other factors it is said to help with are: Mental Peace, Concentration, Sharp Memory, Spirituality, Insomnia, Mental Disorders, Stress, Depression, Drowsiness, Develops telepathic abilities, Developes clairvoyant and extra-sensory abilities.

 Meditation Positions with Purposes

Balancing Meditation

Balancing. Thumbs connecting and the fingers of one hand overlaying the fingers of the other hand. This hand pose aids you to bring balance into your mind, body, spirit and heart when used in your meditation position. So what like a reset button it helps to bring your system back to its usual healthy place.

 Meditation Positions with Purposes

Prayer Position Meditation With Hands At Heart Center

Prayer. Hands connecting like a mirror image at the palms and finger tips, often with hands at heart center. Much fabled and seen through iconic images and in places of spiritual congregation, this hand position aids you to achieve a greater link with spirit when used within your meditation position. Often used in times of challenge and adversity when seeking guidance or assistance with an issue.

 Meditation Positions with Purposes

Grounding Meditation

Grounding. Hands palm down resting on the knees. Useful in your meditation position when needing to reconnect with the earthly plane and bring yourself down to earth, also useful for grounding your energy if unable to channel high levels of energy more effectively. This can be used to cleanse your own energy as well, this is done by drawing your energy down to the heart of the Earth before drawing it back inside.

Opening. Hands facing palm up with the wrists or back of hands resting on the knees. Useful when wishing to open yourself up to the universe further, achieving higher points and allowing you to flow more easily with spirit.

When meditating having a suitable meditation space within which you have all the things you need to have a space conducive to meditating in comfort is a good idea, most items are easily available in the UK, US and most of the rest of the world.

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